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Sopot Music Festival

roalex 13 | 40
11 Apr 2010 #1
Hello all,

I'll be visiting Poland this summer with my wife. The last time we were there we watched the Sopot Music Festival on TV and said that we should try to see it live, if we ever have the chance. Well we're coming back this summer for the whole month of August, does anyone know the dates of the festival for 2010?

Also if anyone has gone in the past can you recommend places to stay, or things to do when not at the festival.

12 Apr 2010 #2
Hi, what kind of accomodation are you looking for?
I know, that Villa Aqua offers nice packages for summer, or maybe Villa Sedan ? They have perfect location!
rkb 1 | 16
12 Apr 2010 #3
I'm assuming you mean the Open'er festival (can't think of any others it could be) in which case you're going to miss it by a month - it's on from the 1st to the 4th of July
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,594
13 Apr 2010 #4
He probably means Sopot International Song Festival.
rkb 1 | 16
13 Apr 2010 #5
^^^ Fair play, hadn't heard of that before
OP roalex 13 | 40
14 Apr 2010 #6
Hey All,

First thanks for the replies ans sorry I didn't get back sooner.

rkb - I am not interested in the Open'er festival

What I am looking for is the Sopot International Song Festival. As posted by SzwedwPolsce.
Unfortunately the wiki link does not show the dates for this summer and website link on the wiki page goes to a link for the 2007 competition.

If anyone out there has any info in the 2010 Sopot International Song Festival it would be much appreciated. I will keep trolling the web and if I find it I will post it here.

Cheers and thanks for any help

Sorry about this everyone but I think it called Sopot Hit Festival.
andy b 4 | 156
14 Apr 2010 #7
I think you are talking about the "Top Trendy" festival in Sopot, but there doesn't seem to be a date set for 2010 yet:
25 May 2010 #8
Hello Roalex,
I am afraid, that you cannot find any Sopot song festivals this year, but certainly next year 2011 as it is 50 anniversary celebration of these song contex there.

I visited Sopot during last weekend and could see only a huge dig remont on the site of this outdoor theatre located on the forest hill, about 1 km from the centre.

But the new stadion will be very nice, I could also see some advetisment there.

Anyway, Sopot and also Gdynia are great places to visit during summertime: you can get there from Gdansk by local trains.

Regards, Jouni from Finland
28 May 2010 #9
places to stay, or things to do when not at the festival.

If you are going to be in Sopot for longer than 5 days, it would be better to rent an apartment. Otherwise the Hotels are the Grand, Sheraton and Haffner. The prices for all hotels,apartments increase by about 30% during the festival periods. Things to do Gdansk,Malbork and you can take a boat from the pier in Sopot to Hel on the peninsula and of course visit Jurata.

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