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Snow in Zakopane in Summer?

maniacmaddu 1 | -
28 Jun 2010 #1

Wanna take my friend who is visiting from Dubai to see Kasprowy Wierch
Will there be snow up there in early July?

I want snow on the mountain... not falling from the sky :)
No intention to ski...dunno how

Lukasz K - | 103
28 Jun 2010 #2
There would be probably some snow up there, not very much but some for sure.


plk123 8 | 4,148
28 Jun 2010 #3
not in july, besides it has been raining cats and dogs in southern PL so i'm sure it's all washed away.
Łukasz K
4 Jul 2010 #4
You can always check at these website:

There is some, not much, but some.

DavidODwyer 4 | 14
10 Jan 2011 #5
Merged: What is there to do in Zakopane in the Summer?

I am traveling there with about 5 other eighteen year olds during the summer and am wondering what we can expect to do.

What is the night life like and such and is it hard to arrange day trips to places such as Auschwitz and the salt mines?
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
10 Jan 2011 #6
Hello DavidODwyer. And welcome to the Polish forums. Zakopane is 100KM south of Krakow, Auschwitz and the salt mines are not much further, so you can get buses there easily arranged through a tour operator. Good luck!
10 Jan 2011 #7
What is the night life like and such and is it hard to arrange day trips to places such as Auschwitz and the salt mines?

The thread that SeanBM, provided is a good over view of Zakopane. Having travelled to Zakopane and Krakow many times. I would suggest, you do the trips to Auschwitz and the salt mines at the end of your stay. Going to Auschwitz is a heavy trip and is not for the faint hearted. If you had an over night stay in Krakow at the end of your journey, you could do Ausch-Birk, Salt mines, Wawel, Schindlers factory, Krakow stare miasto and Kazmierz over two full days. There are a lot of inexpensive hostels in Krakow, that you can book by the night.

There is plenty to occupy you in Zakopane and the surrounding areas for the rest of the stay.
15 Apr 2011 #8
I preferred to stay in Zakopane and just take a day trips to Krakow, Wieliczka salt main and any other places. The bus to Krakow is very cheep and there are plenty ways to see Krakow. Great place to spend day and things you must to see. How many days you plan to stay in Zakopane. We go there every year /have family in Zakopane/and always find some new places to go as Zakopane offers more and more. What we missing is golf course, but we just crazy golfers, can not live long without it. Hiking, walking, biking, museums, spas, shops, river rafting /you can go there on tour bus/. There is something to do every day for everybody. There are many website you can get idea what to do and what to see.

Where you going to stay? I'm trying to promote our place, since you can not find more helpful, friendly, and competent vacation owner family in great location in Zakopane. Willa Pod Smrekami and phone number +48603190860
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,377
16 Apr 2011 #9
We go there every year /have family in Zakopane

That is interesting I am going to be in Poland in June, and I've got family very close to Zakopane, they live in Cihe-I think that it is about 5km away.
juli25 5 | 22
27 Jul 2012 #10
Merged: Summer holidays in Zakopane


We are living in Warsaw, and planning to take 1 week in August for family vacations. Our children are 10, 8 & 2.5 years old.
I wonder if Zakopane & surroundings would be a good choice in our case?
Besides extremely beautiful nature seen on various pictures, what else this area has to offer for families with kids during summer-period?

If you have any additional ideas for active holidays (child-oriented) in other areas of Poland - will gladly accept your recommendations :-)

Thanks a lot!
Kowalski 7 | 621
27 Jul 2012 #11
You might be fed up by the crowds everywhere including popular trails.... love Zakopane just not in July/August...noisy school kids on popular trails..... .... live web camera in Zakopane center:
Frally - | 1
5 Sep 2012 #12
You can of course do hiking in the mountains. Especially more-days tours where you can sleep in the alpine cabines in the area. It is also worth just passing the border to Slovakia. Zakopane is like a french ski village in the Alps. It is basically one street with a lot of shops.
haneczka - | 4
21 Dec 2013 #13
You can hiking :) Kasprowy Wierch near Zakopane, Poland is very nice. You ca visit also Morskie Oko :)

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