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Skiing in Strbske Pleso (Slovakia)

Tyskie 1 | 27
6 Jan 2010 #1

I know it's not Poland strictly speaking, but just over the border is the ski resort of Strbske Pleso in the Tatra Range. I've skied in Zakopane before and it was brilliant. However, I'm interested in trying out Strbske Pleso.

Has anyone here ever skiied there before? I think Ukpolska might have?

I am trying to figure out how to actually get there without hiring a car.

Found this on another website as instructions of how to get there from Krakow:
the quickest+ cheapest way too is BUS to Zakopane, MINIbus to border, cross over (GET SKK!) then bus to StarySmokovec-Poprad, about hourly. whole trip may cost like 8-9 Euro and takes some 4 hrs if lucky with connections.

It sounds complicated and quite a schlep!

My question is what is the easiest way to get to Strbske Pleso is flying from Ireland (where I live)? Which airport should I fly to and what then would be the easiest way to get there?

Or is it simply a case of having to hire a car?

Thanks for any advice.

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