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Private small pools? [Warsaw/Krakow/Olsztyn]

abu3issa 14 | 42
29 Mar 2013 #1
Where can I find private pools? [Warsaw/Krakow/Olsztyn]
And how much are they? I'm looking for something I can afford for a small private family gathering.
jon357 75 | 22,601
29 Mar 2013 #2
What time of the year are you planning on having it?
OP abu3issa 14 | 42
29 Mar 2013 #3
August. Not a big crowd, just a family thing, 2-4 people.
Know any?
29 Mar 2013 #4
What time of the year are you planning on having it?

Jon357, his best place would be the Hotels Sheraton in KRK, hit it at the right time of day and the pool is empty, In Warsaw Hitlon, Intercon.
jon357 75 | 22,601
29 Mar 2013 #5
The Intercontinental one is wonderful. The Hyatt in Warsaw is classy and sometimes does good deals - but hotel pools are never that cheap. If it's in summer, there are a few places round Zalew Zegrzynski with outdoor pools - no idea how much it would cost to hire the whole thing.
29 Mar 2013 #6
He could get a short term apartment in a building with a pool, it could be the wife's swimming dress, which abu3 has concern about...
OP abu3issa 14 | 42
30 Mar 2013 #7
jon357 75 | 22,601
30 Mar 2013 #8
The nudist beach in Warsaw is a great place in summer and totally free, but if he has issues about what people wear, he'll need to spend plenty of money.
OP abu3issa 14 | 42
30 Mar 2013 #9
How much is a lot of money?
I'm talking about a single morning, 3-4 hours in a private swimming pool where just me and my family can spend time away from other people's eyes.
30 Mar 2013 #10
Try here Abu,
Mosque in Warsaw
Good luck.

Related: Places to swim indoors in Warsaw

Hi all, Im going to Warsaw in about 14 days and will stay there for approx. one month. I would like to start my days by going for an indoor swim. Do you know of any places near ul. Jana Olbrachta / Gorczewska where I can do this?

This is your best bet for swimming in Warsaw. You'll get there without problems. 20 zł/hour, olympic size sauna. Looks like a nice place :) 10zl/hour with the reduced price seems very reasonable (Im a student).

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