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Activities in Krakow, Warsaw and MAYBE Olsztyn? and FOOD!

16 Mar 2013 /  #1
So I am planning to go to Krakow and Warsaw in August, I'm going to spend a whole month in Krakow with probably a weekend in Warsaw and another in Olsztyn.

I'm just trying to make a trip plan so I wouldn't miss anything :D It'd be my first time outside of the middle east!

Sadly, most of the weekdays I'd be busy till 5 pm. So unless it's the weekend, I'm only going out at the evening.

So I'm looking for any tips and advice, suggestions and MUST SEE spots. But I'd like to point out, I'm not interested in night clubs and similar spots. If there'd be a concert I might attend (rock and metal) but I'm more of a cultural person and into classical music and theater. I'm DEFINITELY going to visit some churches and Krakow Castle, a friend of mine suggested to see Auschwitz.

I'll try to phrase it into specific questions:
Where can I go and what can I do as a cultural tourist in Krakow during a weekday after 5 pm? (I'm assuming that a lot of places would only be open for visitors during daytime)

What can I do on weekends in Krakow, Warsaw and Olsztyn?

What are good couples activities in Krakow, Warsaw and Olsztyn? (Basically, dating ideas)

If there's something I MUST NOT MISS in my visit, what would it be? (You did not go to Poland if you did not ........... [fill in the blank]) :P

What can I actually eat and where?
This needs more elaboration, I'm a Muslim so my diet is a bit restricted. For example, I can't eat any kind of meat unless it was butchered by a Muslim, a Christian or a Jew. I can't eat anything related to pork and wine (including stuff cooked in using them, such as animal oils, not even a drop of alcohol!) I'm most likely going to be a vegetarian for the majority of my trip but I'm good with that. I just rather I can manage to get my hands on some Polish cuisine.

Feel free to suggest anything, even if you think I might not like it :) I am very curious to see what comes to your mind?
16 Mar 2013 /  #2
I might attend (rock and metal)

Firstly, enjoy your vacation in PL, August is a fantastic month to visit.

Here is your first must do in KRK during August: see how the Poles party.
OP abu3issa  
16 Mar 2013 /  #3
Coke live Music festival is held in August correct?
10 Sep 2014 /  #4
Merged: Bubble Football in Warsaw

Hey Guys,

I will be in Warsaw from the 14th of oktober untill the 17th of oktober. We would like to play bubble football. Or another activitie for that matter.

Does anyone have a good idea to do something or a company that we can approach?

Thanx in advance,

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