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Southern Lakes in the South of Poland for sailing / boating

vjmehra 16 | 80
12 Feb 2013 #1
Can anyone recommend any lakes in the South of Poland (ideally near Krakow), that are good for sailing/boating on?
pawian 223 | 24,567
12 Feb 2013 #2
Kryspinów is the closest, but it is small.
Avalon 4 | 1,067
12 Feb 2013 #3
Róznów is very pretty and quite large.
phtoa 9 | 236
12 Feb 2013 #4
Solina is very nice for Sailing.. A bit futher away though, like 3-4 hours driving from Krakow
OP vjmehra 16 | 80
12 Feb 2013 #5
Thank you for the suggestions, they all look great, but I think Kryspinów may get boring quickly due to the size and Solina may be too far away. Róznów on the other side looks very interesting!
pawian 223 | 24,567
12 Feb 2013 #6
but I think Kryspinów may get boring quickly due to the size

But there is a nudist beach so you won`t get bored. And didn`t they tell you that size doesn`t matter???
13 Feb 2013 #7
There are also lakes in the city center.
Zakrzówek (Dębniki district) amazing old quarry but illegal.
Bagry (Podgórze district) for sailing mostly.

Bigger lake is in Przylasek Rusiecki in Nowa Huta district.
Nice but not so big lake is in Wola Batorska near Niepołomice close to the ancient forest just near Cracow.
A very nice lake is a huge dam lake in Dobczyce, but it is still restricted for sailing and swimming (it is to be changed).

For week-ends I can greatly advice you Czorsztyn lake near Nowy Targ and Klimkówka lake near Ujście Gorlickie.

There is number of popular gravel pit lakes in Cracow and nerby if you want to sink easily and quickly.
OP vjmehra 16 | 80
3 Mar 2013 #8
What about lake Zywiec, that looks quite nice/large in pictures at least?
johnb121 4 | 183
3 Mar 2013 #9
How about gródek nad dunajcem?
OP vjmehra 16 | 80
3 Mar 2013 #10
I think that's the one near Róznów isn't it?
jon357 74 | 22,289
5 Mar 2013 #11
Sielpia is more central than south, but if it's a lake you want, Sielpia's a nice one and plenty to do in the evenings.
OP vjmehra 16 | 80
10 Mar 2013 #12
I think Sielpia may be a bit too far north unfortunately :-(

Am ideally looking south/south-west of Krakow.
11 Mar 2013 #13
What about lake Zywiec

Beatiful and popular. Good for sailing. Most crowded.
We will have also Świnna Poręba lake near Wadowice. Just 1 h from Cracow.
The dam is ready. The trough will be filled in by 2 years.
OP vjmehra 16 | 80
11 Mar 2013 #14
Oooh that is interesting!

From this and your other post about the river, I'm assuming you are a keen boater/sailor yourself. Where abouts do you go?

Also how do you find out about these projects, is there a website, or purely local knowledge?
12 Mar 2013 #15

Just hiker/biker. Traveller. Yet sailing below 10m2 doesn't count. I used to bike and swim either in Kryspinów or in Przylasek or so.

Beautiful mountain trials and nice lakes are close neighbours in southern Poland. Especially Żywieckie lake/Skrzyczne mountain, Czorsztyńskie lake/Turbacz mountain and most beautiful Solińskie lake in Bieszczady mountains. And many others.

I have mostly common local knowledge (in present times it means also internet) but I have seen/travelled/swam all things/lands/lakes I am talking about. Yet my roots are from this region spreading from Żywiec to Lwów, Drochobycz and far away.

Some www sites:
Vistula river
Świnna Poręba lake u/c
Marinas in Poland
OP vjmehra 16 | 80
3 Jul 2013 #16
I've been looking at Czorsztyn lake, which seems to be a pretty good location and great scenery, but I'm a bit confused by the speed limits!

I've seen videos of plenty of people waterskiing on youtube, but somewhere I (thought I) read that there was a speed limit in place, which would presumably stop water skiing.

It may be that I didn't translate very well and misunderstood the speed limits, but does anyone know if there is a speed limit in place for powerboats and/or can you get a permit to exceed it?

Or am I completely misunderstanding and its just the case that certain engine types are not allowed!

Has anyone by chance been there over the summer and sailed/powerboated there?

Also, I believe there are no restrictions on Lake Róznów, but can anyone clarify this?
qbas81 - | 10
11 Oct 2013 #17

I used to sail on Zywieckie lake a few times it's not big but good enough for day sailing, I think power-boating is also allowed there - at least I saw a few power boats there.

Basicaly to sail a sailboat shorter then 7.5m (LOA) or powerboat with less than 10kW engine you don't need to have a license (called 'patent'), but to sail longer ones - license is required.
OP vjmehra 16 | 80
11 Oct 2013 #18
I have a 'licence' in the UK, I'd be happy to do the qualification in Poland too if mine wouldn't be accepted, its more about finding somewhere to go for weekends in the summer, that's not too far from Krakow.

Would ideally like to get a small powerboat and maybe something like a hoibie cat or laser and sail some weekends, power other times.

Roznow looks interesting from the powerboating point of view as I believe you can even go down the Dunajec river (to a point), Czorsztyn looks like the best for sailing. Zywiec is interesting too, but I'm told it gets very croweded in the summer!
qbas81 - | 10
12 Oct 2013 #19
Do you have RYA certificate? It should be accepted in Poland by law but I'm not sure if it would be broadly recognized in smaller places.

Lasers or Hobie Cats are not very common in Poland (although steadily gaining popularity) because of high price - most common open-deck dinghy classes are: Omega

polish boat

Puck or Sigma.

Czorsztyn is a new, artificial lake (opened in 1997) and infrastructure is not yet very developed, but there are some places where you can rent a boat like:

I can confirm that Zywiec can be busy during summer holiday - but still is a nice place to visit :)

This year sailing season is almost over in Poland, but good luck next year ! :)
OP vjmehra 16 | 80
12 Oct 2013 #20
Yep, I have the RYA Intermediate Powerboat and Dayskipper (sail) certificates, but I have no problem doing another course if required!

Yeah a bit late for this year, but am keen to finally work out where to go for next year as it didn't quite happen this year!!!
19 Jun 2016 #21
Hello. Does anyone know if training in dinghy sailing is offered in Czorsztyn? If you have the contact details for a company that offers this, please post it here. Thank you in advance!
gumishu 15 | 6,184
19 Jun 2016 #22
Podhalańskie Towarzystwo Żeglarskie is one of the yacht operators on the Czorsztyn lake -
here's a contact for hiring yachts - EDIT well they are not yachts but dinghies actually - they get called yachts in Polish though

telefonicznie: +48 530 523 433

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