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18 Jan 2010 #1
I am currently writing a blog about my trip to Poland in 2007. Please check it out. Thanks
f stop 25 | 2,513
18 Jan 2010 #2
I like it. More!
musicwriter 5 | 87
18 Jan 2010 #3
Did you go to Chełmno, Chelmża, or Toruń?
McCoy 27 | 1,269
18 Jan 2010 #4
all blogs about trip to Poland are bollocks. you cant remember anything cause youre permanently drunk.
f stop 25 | 2,513
18 Jan 2010 #5
You got to jot down couple of sentences each day, then it will all come back to you.
dani 4 | 8
9 Feb 2010 #6
Why You don't paste whole link. It's difficult to copy+paste in web browser:| aagghrrr
noveoko - | 7
15 Aug 2010 #7
[Moved from]: My new English-language blog about Warsaw.

I have started a small blog about Warsaw and would like some feedback on the concept. The site is at: The goal of the site is to provide some more in-depth insight into topics related to life in Warsaw beyond simple forum postings. What would you like to see featured in the blog in the future? Opinions are appreciated.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
15 Aug 2010 #8
I have started a small blog about Warsaw and would like some feedback on the concept.

Hello, looks fine, a little colourless but I guess that was your intention.

I am not very familiar with Warsaw, so I would like to see, restaurants, theatres, sightseeing, museums, art galleries, etc?

Also the 'Warsaw Aerial Photography 1935 & 1945 in Google Earth' is the only thing you show in arts and history. perhaps show more?
I don't have google earth, my computer is dying and crashes when I install it but I say some aerial video of Warsaw on EuroNews, showing the devastation of WWII, is that what you are showing? If so, I'd love to see it and will try using another computer in the near future.
noveoko - | 7
16 Aug 2010 #9
Thank you for your response. I am always working on additional content. It's kind of a trickle of new info but my goal is to create a useful and informative guide to the city, and to provide an American (Midwest) perspective combined with a born-in-Poland perspective to English speakers residing in and planning on moving to Poland.
superjohn82 1 | 5
16 Aug 2010 #10
Just about to check to have a look at your blog, feel free to do the same with mine.


noveoko - | 7
16 Aug 2010 #11
I looked over your blog, and I was working on a Toan Pho review video, wonder if it makes senes now that you have one up already?
superjohn82 1 | 5
18 Aug 2010 #12
A video sounds like a good idea. Maybe I could put a link to it on my blog?
polishmama 3 | 279
6 Dec 2010 #13
I wanted to follow your blog but it's no good anymore?

McCoy, I feel sorry if all your trips to Poland are like that. Mine never are and I remember it all every time. :) Cheers
polishmeknob 5 | 155
6 Dec 2010 #14
Also here:
Check it ou!
8 Dec 2010 #15
I am English and living in Poland this year. I have a blog about my day to day life, things I discover about Poland along the way and places I visit, if you're interested please take a look at thanks
Murat - | 4
9 Dec 2010 #16

I enjoyed while i was reading,keep writin' =))
polishmama 3 | 279
13 Dec 2010 #17
Interesting blog, !"£, I am following. My blog is
Mr_Bruxelles 2 | 12
25 Dec 2011 #19
[Moved from]: Gdansk, poland xmas 2011 Travel Blog + Pics

Hi all,

I arrived in Gdansk yesterday,

here's the link to my blog with all the pics.

Merry xmas!
scottie1113 7 | 898
25 Dec 2011 #20
Now you know why I live here. Last year we had a lot of snow. It's going to almost balmy-at least for winter-while you're here. Tomorrow-Monday-most places will be closed as well. Things will be back to business as usual on Tuesday. Have fun.
Mr_Bruxelles 2 | 12
26 Dec 2011 #21

Things will be back to business as usual on Tuesday. Have fun.

30 Apr 2013 #22
Hey guys,
I would like to recommend a city in east Poland. If someone want to visit..

£omża is a historic town which is worth seeing if someone is heading to Eastern Poland. In the southwestern part of Podlaskie Voivodeship you can see the influences of the historic Masovia region, located at the Narew river bench. £omża is the oldest town in the region, the city rights were given to the town in 1418. One can find there a beautiful view at Narew River, you should also definitely visit Nowogrod, where the Kurpie, a special ethnic group, have lived. They were Polish residents and fought in the most Polish freedom-uprisings. In the open-air museum for Kurpies' culture you can see old wooden houses, traditional water mills and many other attractions.The Eastern Polish culture is very interesting...

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