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Polish Language test using the European Language Frameworks

31 Jan 2010 /  #1
Does anyone know where I can find online Polish language tests using the European Language Frameworks, i.e. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1. I need to take a test to determine which level I'm at so I can better determine which courses or classes to take.

I've searched Google, and as usual there is hundereds of tests for other languages, but I could not find one for Polish :(.

31 Jan 2010 /  #2 - Test from ESKK language school in Poland
31 Jan 2010 /  #3
I'd suggest that this test is one intended for native Polish speakers. It's more about use of Polish than a test of a foreigner's proficiency in the language.
31 Jan 2010 /  #4
The test is really difficult even for a native speaker of Polish. I got 14/15 in part one; 15/15 in part two; 11/15 in part three.

[I was wrong in this one of part one:]
2. Reżyser dzięki użyciu sugestywnych środków wyrazu ..................... na wyobraźnię widzów.
a. oddziaływuje
b. oddziałuje

[I was correct in the following of part two, but it is diffcult in my view:]
5. Nawet wytrawnym graczom trudno ....................., jaki ruch wykona teraz komputer.
a. domyślić się
b. domyśleć się

In part three, I was wrong in four questions: choosing between baby-sitter and baby-sitterka for a female baby-sitter; in two questions on declining numerals (trying to be "overcorrect"); and I didn't know the correct meaning of the plural noun "enuncjacje" in Polish.
31 Jan 2010 /  #5

Here. Click on "przykładowe testy" .. and I believe there is no C1 as an official stage, though I guess you will find it in some language schools.
1 Feb 2010 /  #6
This test is not so bad, and it's aimed at non-native speakers (meaning any native-speakers who doesn't score 100% should feel ashamed ;) )

It should give you some kind of clue at what level you are in terms of grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension (unless you're kind of advanced). I wouldn't put much faith in the final "judgment" (Your Polish on a .... level) though. The questions' points are "weighted", and not knowing a few single key words can make you lose a lot of points. It should give you some kind of general feel about how good you are at grammar and reading, though.
OP tonywob  
2 Feb 2010 /  #7
Thanks for the links everyone.

I realised doing some of the tests that I have a long way to go :(
31 Mar 2014 /  #8

Part I: Grammar
Select the best answer.
You scored 32 points out of 30.
You scored 107% on this section.

13 Jun 2014 /  #9
same here

I made two mistakes and scored 101%

You scored 152 points out of 150.
You are at the Advanced level.
Your score = 101%

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