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Holiday in Poland (question about transport by bus from Riga)

eglukas 2 | -
27 Jun 2011 #1
I'm going to spend August in Poland and I have some question about transport. I think I'll come to Warszawa from Riga by bus. Then I would like to go to Krakow (there will be good concert) and after that go to Gdansk. What is the cheapest way to travel in Poland? I heard that PKP train is one of the cheapest. I found this site and I can buy tickets now. But is this site safe? Maybe would be cheaper to buy tickets in Poland's station than online? Or which online tickets store are cheaper and more safe?

Also, which cities you recommend to visit too?

Thanks, Egle
JulietEcho 3 | 100
27 Jun 2011 #2
Take PKP, but take the express trains -there are much faster and much more convinient. If not the train take a EuroLOT flight, if you book in advance it is pretty cheap also. It depends what you interested in. I would add Kazimierz nad Wisla, Wroclaw, Torun, maybe Malbork(close to Torun)... Avoid anything related to a road...

Have fun Egle.
urszula 1 | 253
27 Jun 2011 #3
I would buy a ticket at the station because what if you buy a ticket in advance and you're late? Even if the price was slightly different online, which I doubt, it's safer and less stressful to just get a ticket once there.

Krakow and Zakopane is nice, but that's going south from Warsaw
27 Jun 2011 #4
For the traveller to Poland, rail travel is one of the best ways to get around the country,travel by rail is comfortable and convenient. The railway station is usually located near a city’s center, and is always well-connected to the local transportation system.Moreover, I would suggest you to buy tickets in advance because buying on the day at the station is not the cheapest option for longer distance journeys.
teflcat 5 | 1,032
27 Jun 2011 #5
,travel by rail is comfortable and convenient

always well-connected to the local transportation system.

I'm very interested to know what part of Poland you live in?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
27 Jun 2011 #6
What's your problem ? Except being slow and the smell It's all good :))
jwojcie 2 | 763
27 Jun 2011 #7
Yeap, IC trains can be slow, but are quite convenient (but in summer sometimes air conditioning cann't cope with external conditions so if it is very hot it is better to ride very early in the morning or in the evenings). Of course regional trains is a different story - it is lottery - nice train or total failure.

As for buying tickets:
- if you buy via website - no problems with communication at the station - English is not very popular at PKP, but if you will need to change your reservation then... much more communication problems at the station ;)

It is worth to notice that recently a couple of direct LOT connections between bigger Polish cities reopened. So for example you can fly from Wroclaw to Gdansk only for around 200 PLN. An hour instead of nine... I bet there is similar posibility from Krakow to Gdansk. Find that out on Balice or Pyrzowice airport website.

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