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Coming to Poland with a pet :)

6 Nov 2008 #31
dO YOU GUYS KNOW HOW OLD A PUPPY HAS TO BE before it can be vaccinated against rabies? I am trying desperately to import a puppy to Australia.
7 Jun 2009 #32
A PET Passport is required. This has to be obtained from your vet prior to travel. It will take about 7 months to obtain and become valid.

Step 1 - Mircochip dog
Step 2 - Vacinate dog against rabies
Step 3 - Blood test alanysis
Step 4 - If all is well, issue Passport
Step 5 - Passport becomes valid 6 months after date of vacination

Important: Ensure booster is obtained prior to Passport expiring else you will have to start the procedure from new.

On returning to the UK,
Step 1 - Have dog treated for Ticks and Worms. Any vet can do this in any EU country.
Treatment must comply with DEFRA stipulations.
Ensure the vet records the microchip no. and enters the details into the Passport
It is important that the EXACT time and date are recorded when the treatment
was administered.
Ensure you obtain a stamped certificate from the vet before leaving
Step 2 - Travel to the UK MUST be made within a 24 - 48 hour window after the
treatment was administered in Step 1.

If you fail to meet these requirements the dog will be held at port by customs and
quaranteed for 6 months. This is expensive

For precise information visit the DEFRA website

Good luck
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
7 Jun 2009 #33
It will take about 7 months to obtain and become valid.


My wife just had a dog chipped, issued a passport... and then travelled the following day.

It's much easier when you live in Poland and travel to neighbouring countries... as the dog already had documents with a record of Rabies jabs, etc.

Some of the UK's rules are beyond stupidity.
6 Apr 2010 #34
My dog was taken from outside a shop in Edinburgh by a Polish guy yesterday. Why did he take her? the street sweepers had called the SSPCA but before they could arrive, this guy said it was his dog and dragged her away.

Did he think he was rescuing her? What happens to stray dogs in Poland? Did he want a pet? What else? We are offering a reward for Bess.

Go to edinburghmissingdog at wordpress dot com
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
6 Apr 2010 #35
Cos it's Easter time and dog is on the menu? ;)

Seriously, I hate people who believe they can do this. I've always kept German Shepards untill now as I have a Boxer Lab cross. Last dog I had a trucker pulled up outside the house and took my dog from the garden. Luckily the neighbour took down the trucks details and we got her back, but the bare-faced cheek of it!!!
5 Aug 2010 #36
were you able to just take them with you? Did you have to go through a particular shipping agent. We need to send two toy dogs to Poland to thei new owner but cannot accompany them, used to be you had to use a shipping agentn to send a dog to Poland, wonder if that is still tre????
11 Mar 2012 #37
I travel to Poland every year with my family for summer (2 Months) and I really want to get a cat. Does anyone know anything about travelling with a small kitten? Do the same rules apply as to dogs?

Thanks (:
Polsyr 6 | 769
14 May 2013 #38
Does anyone have an up-to-date answer to this question? The pets in question are two cats...

Nobody knows?
Paulina 9 | 1,448
2 Jun 2013 #39
Nobody knows?

If you want to bring pets to Poland:
Polsyr 6 | 769
3 Jun 2013 #40
If you want to bring pets to Poland

Thank you.
3 Jun 2013 #41
Does anyone have an up-to-date answer to this question? The pets in question are two cats...

Where are you bringing them from? I've imported a couple of cats.
Paulina 9 | 1,448
3 Jun 2013 #42
Thank you.

You're welcome.
Polsyr 6 | 769
3 Jun 2013 #43
Where are you bringing them from?

From Qatar
3 Jun 2013 #44
Both mine came from Europe (one pre EU, one post EU). But the rules may be fairly similar. At the very least you're going to need to get them chipped and have rabies shots done.
Poochie - | 1
24 Apr 2016 #45
Merged: Moving from US to Poland with Pets - which is the best airline?

Has anyone from the United States made the big move to Poland with pets? How did it go for you? Is there anything you would have done differently? What airline did you use? We are looking to move to Poland at the end of May beginning of June. We've begun the process of getting all the documentation that we will need for our pets. Now trying to pick out the best airline. Any information that you can provide would be great.

Thank you,
7 Aug 2017 #46
I have 3 pets what I wane took wit me to Poland I wane now what cine document and what Shouts they need ?
7 Aug 2017 #47
I Plan move to Poland wit may dogs ! I Now they need passport and another documents And so shouts !
Bat I don't now what cine ! I try look in computer bat I have mix information ! If sum bury now that please tell me !

bee very happy to have correct information !
Thanks !
Aniela !!!

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