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Travel Agencies in Warsaw, Poland specializing in Maldives / Bali / Thailand vacations

czech_canadian 8 | 32
26 Nov 2015 #1
Hi there!

I was wondering if anyone knows of any Travel Agencies (located in Warsaw) who deal with Maldives / Bali / Thailand vacations? I have searched (in English) but not much came up - in fact only 1 positive result showed up.

Anyhow I am trying to compare Expedia price points (to the Maldives) vs what travel agencies have to offer here.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

26 Nov 2015 #2
You tried Travel Express yet?
InPolska 9 | 1,812
27 Nov 2015 #3
I know a lot of Poles who travel through German travel agencies (obviously more offers and cheaper) as they can fly from and to Berlin with no big deal.
OP czech_canadian 8 | 32
27 Nov 2015 #4

No I haven't yet but will look at it right now. Thanks so much!


Great. Sounds like something I will look into as well. :-)
InPolska 9 | 1,812
28 Nov 2015 #5
@Czech! Glad that you liked my info! Yes, it is very common to do so when in Pl. I know quite a few people who do it every time they travel far away. I have some friends just returning from Cuba. They travelled through a German agency (I don't know which one but never mind) and from/to Berlin, leaving their car at Berlin airport and zero problem.

Do compare offers from Germany and from Poland and you'll see more and cheaper offers from Germany! Futhermore, most often, there are no direct flights from Warsaw to far away places. From Poland, best bet is Berlin....

Have a nice weekend! :)

PS: even if need to spend 1 (2? if both to and from) night(s) in Berlin because of plane schedule, moneywise worth it to travel this way...
OP czech_canadian 8 | 32
30 Nov 2015 #6

Yes it makes sense as Germans travel to far-away "exotic" destinations quite often so due to high demand there should be a larger supply of such travel agencies there. I have done some searches on this yesterday, and will draw up a list as there were a couple of international agencies from the UK, India that also came up in the search. Actually based on Expedia searches, there are flights departing from Warsaw airport, and headed to Maldives but as you mentioned, its best to do some comparison searches. I've never traveled through a travel agency before as my most current holiday to Jamaica in May was through Expedia (we were living in Toronto so its typical to book Caribbean vacations online, mainly due to the abundance of packages being offered on the various web portals). I don't believe that's the case here though - I have only noticed Expedia.

Anyway thanks again and have a good one!

TheOther 6 | 3,667
30 Nov 2015 #7
Travel agencies, and especially German ones, are almost always cheaper than booking direct with airlines or hotels. Shop around and try a few of the larger agencies (or even the small ones like Travel Overland), and if you are really adventurous, book only the flight to Thailand for example and look for a hotel or hostel yourself. I've done that quite often both in Thailand and Bali. It's easy and good accomodation is everywhere to be found.
OP czech_canadian 8 | 32
3 Dec 2015 #8

Thanks for the added advice. It appears that Thomas Cook has some great deals for some of the resorts in Maldives so I am checking them out. I also came across TUI which has a a handful of Maldives packages too. :-)
24 Apr 2016 #9
Hi thanks for your interest in visiting Maldives.

Have you found a travel agency?.

Am from Maldives .

I would like to help you get a cheaper rate for your holiday in Maldives.

If you haven't done the booking yet , may I help you.


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