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Mushroom picking with guides in the Poznań area?

WhyMedSchool 6 | 35
27 Aug 2010 #1
Does anybody know of any mushroom picking trips or guides in the Poznań area??
George8600 10 | 630
27 Aug 2010 #2
Here are the ones that make you high:

Here are the ones that kill you:

Have fun! :-D
plk123 8 | 4,138
28 Aug 2010 #3
you want someone to point out the mushrooms to you? lol
polkamaniac 1 | 482
28 Aug 2010 #4
Warta Wildlife Vacations-----I'm sure these folks can help-their ad says "We run a small organic eco-farm in a heavily forested and unspoilt area in Lubuskie, in the far west of Poland. One of our seasonal sidelines are wild forest mushrooms. We organise guided mushroom picking trips into the forest and also pick and supply wild mushrooms in their dried form for export to kitchens and restaurants all over the world.

The forests around us are full of literally dozens of different types of mushrooms. And if you join us on one of our guided mushroom tours you will find and be able to pick many of these."

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