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Picking up BBC television in Poland

5 Jan 2010 /  #1
I think there might be a shared sat dish on the block where I have a flat. Would anyone
happen to know if I buy a receiver would I be able to pick up english freesat programmes.
I think the sat for England is called astra on 28.2 degress east ( I looked it up) but is it
the same one as used in Poland..
Many thanks

PS The reason I think there might be a shared dish for our building is because it is much larger than other dishes around and I have a mystery cable coming into my flat and it's not the tv aerial cable....
5 Jan 2010 /  #2
but is it the same one as used in Poland..

Unforunately, no. Not only are different satellites used, but the BBC channels are on Astra 2D, a so called 'narrow beam' satellite which only covers the UK and Ireland.

TV channel Poland

< this shows you the size of dishes needed.
OP Smokeyone  
6 Jan 2010 /  #3
Thanks for the info. Looks like I would need a 90cm dish and then I would have to
sort out the installation..a friend of mine has offered me his old sky box (he's gone over to HD) so I suppose I could use his box (not with a subscription) and buy a dish.

Wonder how much a dish installation costs in Poland....

Thanks again for telling me about the different sat...
6 Jan 2010 /  #4
a friend of mine has offered me his old sky box

My mate lived in Germany for a bit, his sky box worked fine and NO licence fee :)
6 Jan 2010 /  #5
Wonder how much a dish installation costs in Poland

I take 200zl - 250zl max, commute up to 20km radius. In case of more difficult installation I don't increase the price or refuse.
OP Smokeyone  
6 Jan 2010 /  #6
So what is the dish likely to cost in Poland...
Wonder if I can take a skybox through airport security okay...
6 Jan 2010 /  #7
Looks like I would need a 90cm dish

You're reading the wrong chart. To pick up Astra 2D you will need a 240cm to 300cm dish (depending on where you are in Poland). Those cost a lot, as in 5,000zl for dish and installation, minimum. To pick up Astra 2B you will only need a 90cm dish. The problem is that all the free stuff is on Astra 2D.
6 Jan 2010 /  #8
Holy ****, thats a fair size dish i,m going to have to sort out for my move to Warsaw
OP Smokeyone  
6 Jan 2010 /  #9
Could not really justify that sort of money for just so many visits a year...
6 Jan 2010 /  #10
Getting the dish will be only the start of the trouble!

Your choices are either to mess about with TV via internet or to limit yourself to Sky TV channels only (which is what I do).
6 Jan 2010 /  #11
Are there ways of picking up the BBC iPlayer from Poland via the net? I know normally a non-UK IP address is blocked, but I believe there are ways of disguising your IP address ... Any tips on how?
6 Jan 2010 /  #12
A VPN (virtual private network) does that. Some are free (findeable on google) but the free ones are unfortunately unreliable.

There are various ways of watching British TV through the internet, but these tend to come and go. As soon as there's a good one, it tends to get spread across fora like this and the live streams are taken off the air. The more reliable programs tend to be privately operated by and for members.

FilmOn works, but rips its streams from the user operated programs, so also can be patchy.
6 Jan 2010 /  #13
I have a 2D receiver and a 88cm dish with a sky viewing card.This setup worked fine in Germany. The question is with out installing some mega dish can i still receive any British TV, we are now in Bielsko Biala.

Can i pickup 2B channels with this setup and if so which ones?
29 Jan 2010 /  #14
any body know what english channels i would get using a 1.45 dish
29 Jan 2010 /  #15
You can pick up a bit less than half of channel 4 and almost all of BBC 2 :)
29 Jan 2010 /  #16
any body know what english channels i would get using a 1.45 dish

Take a look at this:
29 Jan 2010 /  #17
a lot of folks i know in wwarsaw can pick up all Uk channels except BBC2 with a 1.8M dish. and even then you can get BBC2 on a good day

mind you the thing looks like NASA space tracking station
29 Jan 2010 /  #18
I pay £9 a month for a server in London which I can use to get BBC iPlayer. Works a treat :-).
29 Jan 2010 /  #19
Does 4OD work as well?

If so, who are you using? Could do with a reliable proxy server...
29 Jan 2010 /  #20
I've used "your freedom" for bbc iplayer of years, It works with all the UK players too. You are limited to a 60 minute connection each time but with bbc iplayer you just load the programme using yourfreedom and then just watch it without the proxy as Iplayer only detects that you are outside the UK as its loading.

Mikey if you want me to show you how I use it so you can write a tutorial or something
29 Jan 2010 /  #21
We use a slingbox with our TV at home - works like a charm and I watch it on my TV, not my computer, because I have a Sling Catcher.
29 Jan 2010 /  #22
If so, who are you using? Could do with a reliable proxy server...

I have a shared server with rapidswitch. It's a Linux box with root access. I've setup an SSH tunnel and it works nearly as quick as being in the UK :-)

You get 200GB of bandwidth a month for the basic price.
29 Jan 2010 /  #23
does anybody know what channels i would get with a freesat box and 1 .45 dish in poland
16 Oct 2010 /  #24
Does anyone have any good links for watching English TV at the moment?

Thanks in advance!
26 Oct 2010 /  #25
I believe there are ways of disguising your IP address ... Any tips on how?

I use this. Had no problems with it.
26 Oct 2010 /  #26
I must admit here to a touch of smugness ho ho ho ...

Get a 2m dish and you get everything free to air except BBC 3 and 4.

BBC2 was available daytime only ... until a couple of days ago when mysteriously BBC2 Northern Ireland came in loud and clear 24 hours a day. Oh the joys of University Challenge - even got a few questions right :) Still miss Bamber Gascoigne though, with his wacky hair.

And Chris Evans on Radio 2, as I munch on my morning toast and marmalade (home made). Oh smug, smug, smug!

And to top it all, I even have home-made crumpets - excellent with Golden Syrup!
28 Oct 2010 /  #27
Seems Sky did sell a freesat card 'not shure if they still do but i do no
that they have a new freesat box from sky out ' From what i have been reading it cheaper to buy a large dish here an just set up an account with sky 'then ship the lot to Poland ' i am off to move soon in the next few months with are new born baby ' going to live in Krakow ' looked into freesat but i have yet to here or read of anyone who is on one in Poland krakow with a larger dish ' i can get hold of a old sky box the pace one as my neighbour has an old one she said i can have ' my only issue is a card for freesat and how to obtain it for the box ' think the sky way is the best way but set it up in the uk then get a bigger dish ' have a friend who has done the same but with polsat
20 Nov 2010 /  #28
The BBC has decided to open BBC Iplayer,
which will now be available Globally from 2011
20 Nov 2010 /  #29
With most programmes paid for, and probably nowhere near the amount of content as available on the UK version.
20 Nov 2010 /  #30
You are right as it is rumoured to carry old content and not the current schedule of programmes that you see in the UK and apart from that there will be a fee to pay.

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