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Indian or Mexican food in Warsaw.

jonni 16 | 2,485
21 May 2010 #31
Aarti is at al. Jerozolimskie 121 - it's worth visiting zolimskie%20121%20Warszawa~3390728
bimber94 7 | 254
22 May 2010 #32
What's the nearest tube station to Arti?
jonni 16 | 2,485
22 May 2010 #33
Centrum. Then get any tram heading west. Get off two stops after the railway station, and you'll just have passed it on your left.
22 May 2010 #34
For Mexican, there aren't many choices. The Tortilla Factory is good (though they sometimes have very loud music). There's a nice place on al. Ujazdowskie, but expensive and very variable.

I am not a big fan of Tortilla Factory as it is very much a bar as well as restaurant, my number 1 mexican in Warsaw is Blue Cactus. As for Indians Nameste is honest and India curry can 70% of the time hit the spot.
24 May 2010 #36
Went to Ganesh yesterday. While they still have a few little issues to sort out (and no beer yet), overall the meal was very impressive. I will certainly be going back there often.
Chipmunk 12 | 61
25 May 2010 #37
I can definitely tell you were to stay away from for Mexican. We were down in Old Town and thought that the decor and atmosphere for "The Mexican" looked great and relaxing. Such a bummer that their food was actually probably the worst we've had dining out! We ordered the "nacho's with salsa" expecting you know the typical basket, heck even a bowl, of chips and some salsa. Typical for even other Mexican restaurants around here. Hahaha They brought out a bowl the size you'd use for an extra side of dressing and one equal for tomato paste to dip about 10 chips into. My Chicken Taco's had about a pound of beans in each taco and then 1 tiny curled up piece of "poultry tender".

Oh well it was a nice break from walking around :0)
bimber94 7 | 254
23 Jun 2010 #38
Just discovered this well-named place:
OK it isn't in Warsaw but in Bielsko-Biała, but who could resist mentioning it? If anyone goes there, tell me what the coffee tastes like (salty, insipid, moaning waitress?).
jonni 16 | 2,485
23 Jun 2010 #39
Sounds like a great place for a fish supper
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
23 Jun 2010 #40
Or a great place for a blind nun to get lost...
SenorCojonazos - | 6
24 Jun 2010 #41
I have just returned from Warsaw, and I am so disappointed that I didn't see that restaurant, if only to take a photo and have a giggle with my friends in England :)
ColonelBlimp 2 | 11
24 Jun 2010 #42
I just returned from Warsaw, I had Polish food every day, if I want Mexican, Indian etc I can get this every day at home.
scottie1113 7 | 898
28 Jun 2010 #43
I've eaten at Pueblo in Gdansk three times in the last week. It's that good.
20 Oct 2010 #44
Anybody tried this place yet
bimber94 7 | 254
21 Oct 2010 #45
I'll try La Bono when in Warsaw next, as it looks authentic. However, the credits in their guest book all seem so similar in spelling, grammar and syntax, it seems they were all written by the same person. An Indian restaurant in Zielona Góra (Plac Pocztowy) is run by an Indian (Gujurati?), but in my experience he dishes up curried Polish nosh; his speciality seems to be paneer, which is simply curried twaróg, not paneer proper. lol!!
21 Oct 2010 #46
Anybody tried this place yet labono

I was all set to go but frankly Ganesh is so good that there's no point trekking all the way to the badlands on the other side of the river. All the people I know who have been to both Ganesh and La Bono say that Ganesh is better.

There's a new curry place on Twarda called Annapurna. Not too bad, prices are a bit more than Namaste but less than Ganesh. Portion size pretty good and the spice levels likewise. But with that said, I'd still go to Ganesh every time (unless I was very close to Annapurna and starving hungry). There's also a place down in Stare Mokotow, Bombay Masala. It's fairly decent, not quite up there with Namaste and Ganesh but better than Arti. I won't be visiting again unless I'm in the area anyway. Another newish place is Royal India on Jana Pawla (100m north of corner with Solidarnosci). Absolutely terrible, by far the worst curry I have ever had in Poland and very probably the worst I've ever had in my life!
21 Oct 2010 #47
Thanks for the update Harry,

I agree with your review on Royal India, I was not impressed either, Arti is hit or miss for me. I have tried Ganesh in Natolin, but I was not impressed ( it was in the early days and at lunch time) but everyone I have spoken to about Ganesh, rates them highly on the Warsaw curry chart so I have to give them another go,probably the one on Wilcza , have also been a regular of Nameste for about two years, I can only say positive things about them.Annapurna I have never tried,but I will give it a go. Bombay Masala is another one I need to check out. But you did not mention the India Curry, I have had some good food there over the years, but of course the benefit is also the private parking in the center of Warsaw. So it looks like Ganesh ( Wilcza ) Annapurna, Bombay Masala and La bono over the next two weeks.

One thing Warsaw has over other cities in Poland, is choice of curry houses lol

So it looks like Ganesh ( Wilcza ) Annapurna, Bombay Masala and La bono over the next two weeks.

I tried Ganesh on ul Wilcza today, I went with the day menu at 25 PLN per head it's a good deal Typical indian design interior, service was good and quick, food is very authentic and certainly not out of a bottle, I will go back again.
bimber94 7 | 254
22 Oct 2010 #48
Was very recently told of the existence of a good Indian in Szczecin, about a hundred yards - sorry metres - from the station. Does anybody here know it?
resident 1 | 27
4 Nov 2010 #49
Another newish place is Royal India

you clearly know little about indian food, or how it is eaten in india. royal india is one of the best indian restaurants in warsaw, and nearly as good as the tandoori palace, which itself is commonlz reputed to be the best indian restaurant in POLAND. Ganesh made me feel ill, all sauce, and no meat, and stupid staff. you are welcome to it.
4 Nov 2010 #50
royal india is one of the best indian restaurants in warsaw

I would say "Royal India" and "Tandori Palace" are NOT the best in Warsaw or PL. Royal India, I have tried and will never go back again, Tandori Palace was the best when they had no competitors, but now I would say they have gone downhill rapidly. Ganesh on Wilcza I would recommend, the one in Ursynow was not as good for me. There are so many Indian restaurants now in Warsaw, you would think the owners would realize that only the best will survive.

I was all set to go but frankly Ganesh is so good that there's no point trekking all the way to the badlands

As last posted, I would try them all out, here is my verdict, Ganesh and India curry lead the pack. The only one I have not tried yet is Labono, that will be checked out on wednesday. The one that was not on my list was Budha on Nowy swiat, but according to Ray and many others it is hit or miss and not worthy...
3 Mar 2011 #51
Merged thread:
Indian Food in Warsaw

Hi guys,Im new to Poland and am looking for good indian restaurants for food decently priced for my asian taste buds...thx

Merged thread:
Good Indian Food in Warsaw?

Hi guys am coming to Warsaw ..does anyone know about any real good Indian,Mexican or any other ethnic authentic food places as last time I was very disappointed as chinese food was served with salad:( and couldnt find any decent restaurants for ethnic food...Thanks
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
31 Mar 2011 #52
Arti, on al. Jerozolimskie is good. Not very nice surroundings (just before the plac Zawiszy tramstop) but good food.
31 Mar 2011 #53
Oh! thank you very much and any other ethnic authentic food restaurants since I plan to stay there for couple of months...thanks:)
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
31 Mar 2011 #54
any other ethnic authentic food restaurants

There's an Armenian restaurant on either Hoża or Wilcza that's not bad, and Lokanta on Nowogrodzka (the bit nearest the Palace of Culture) is very good. La Cantina on Nowy Świat does good Spanish food, but isn't cheap.

For Indian, I like Arti and used to go in the Maharajah on Marszałkowska - it's patchy but reasoable. Tandoori Palace has gone down quite a lot and I was disappointed the last couple of times I was there.

There's a brilliant Middle Eastern restaurant called Samira [] - it's something of a hidden gem because it's tucked away in some bushes between Metro Politechnika and the park - you think you're going down the wrong street then suddenly you find it - check on the map first - excellent food (they supply to embassies and posh hotels) and also very good value. One of my favourites.
5 Apr 2011 #55
We should not forget India Curry

Only ever had good experiences here.
dhrynio 5 | 97
5 Apr 2011 #56
One of my Warsaw foodie friends took us here to the one in Żoliborz. The Indian food was food but the Thai was fantastic!

The food was out of this world and the atmosphere and staff were awesome. Prices were not that bad for Warsaw either.
5 Apr 2011 #57
I have heard about this place it is on Plac invalidow, my wife was there and was impressed.
AJAY 2 | 5
11 Apr 2011 #58
Hi, I am Indian vegetarian i.e no meat any type of meat. Can any body help it is easy to find indian vegetarian in Poznan? Dear friend Poland food is also tasty, try it also.
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
11 Apr 2011 #59
Can any body help it is easy to find indian vegetarian in Poznan?

Not Indian, but a few Indian dishes on the menu and all vegetarian:
jon357 66 | 16,977
16 Sep 2014 #60
In a toss up about which is more 'tasty', pierogi leniwe, kopytki, ser bialy, schabowy and pyzy on on one side, with Masala, Enchilladas, Quesadillas, Vindaloo and guacamole on the other most people wouldn't have much trouble deciding.

But each to his own.

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