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INDIAN student applied at Warsaw University of Technology in Poland with some delicate questions

5 Jul 2016 /  #1

I am Franklin from INDIA, Applied at Warsaw University of Technology for my Master Degree program (in Production Engineering) for this Oct 2016 Intake

I want to know some details regarding that guys,

1. Is that a European Master Degree valuable than Indian ?

2. What are my chances of getting into a Good Job after my studies ? Do i need to study any languages or what i need to do as a Non-EU Student ?

3. I still haven't got my last semester transcript and provisional certificate from my Indian University ( I may able to get before the last date of submitting admission documents ). I have an attested copy of my last semester transcript and a original course completion certificate. I have uploaded these as my entry documents into the university site along with all my transcripts. Will i get a conditional acceptance at this condition ? What are my chances ?
5 Jul 2016 /  #2
Will i get a conditional acceptance at this condition ? What are my chances ?

You need to ask the Warsaw university. These conditions vary from university to university. Nobody can answer that question accurately other than the Admissions office of the university at which you intend to study.
5 Jul 2016 /  #3
1. Is that a European Master Degree valuable than Indian ?

Warsaw University of Technology is highly respected.

For number 2, that's the hardest question. It would depend on where you want to work and what you want to do.

For number 3, the University are the best people to answer that.
shrenik shah  
17 Feb 2017 /  #4

overview of university

what is about university of Warsaw ? how's it reputation and degree value..?
17 Feb 2017 /  #5
@shrenik shah

With very few exceptions, and those mostly in high-math fields, degrees from programs taught in English are generally not worth the investment. This is true for just about any university in Poland, including the University of Warsaw. There are certainly much better options, either in your home country or in a richer western European or English-speaking country. Poland offers very little to very few students from non-EU countries. Poland is not the golden opportunity that you are looking for, or that the recruiters and websites make it out to be.

What do you want to study, and what do you plan to do with your degree once you finish?
20 Feb 2017 /  #6
warsaw university has civil engineering which is 1.5yrs course where it has tri-semester.what is the difference between 2yrs course and 1.5yrs as people go for 2yrs course. can i proceed with 1.5yrs course ? Is that seem to valuable as i go for 1.5yrs course even though the college has huge respect and good ranking.
-from india
20 Feb 2017 /  #7

You are aware that that is a masters program? The bachelors takes four years, and the masters takes another two years. I wouldn't recommend the accelerated (1.5 year) masters course unless you are a top student from a very good school, and have at least a few years work experience. Otherwise, you are going to find the two-year program challenging enough.

Overall, studying at WUT offers no more advantage than studying at a good IIT. Poland is not a rich country, and R&D dollars are scarce, so students complain about these things:

1) There are no part-time jobs or paid internships for non-EU students in Poland. If you cannot afford to pay 100% for your studies and stay in Poland, then Poland is not a realistic option for you. Make your plans on the very safe assumption that you will never be able to earn even a single penny during your stay in Poland.

2) Instruction is long on (outdated) theory and short on (innovative and interesting) practical coursework and student projects. What practical courses exist are outdated and use antiquated equipment. Student projects are likewise largely theoretical, with little money available for more interesting and cutting-edge projects.

3) Universities do not have strong business and community ties, so networking and searching for jobs is very difficult, especially for foreigners. Integrating yourself into the professional community is a lot harder because networking is extremely difficult.

4) Degrees are respected less than those from richer countries, especially from ABET accredited schools.

5) Campus life and student culture are minimal compared to schools in the US. This is especially difficult for non-EU students who do not speak the local language (It will take you several years of very hard work to learn the basics, and you won't be motivated to because it is highly unlikely that you will be able to find a job in Poland after you study, or would even want one). You will get very little support and help from your university, unlike at, for example, an American university.

6) There is absolutely no financial aid available nor any possibility of finding on-campus employment.

My advice would be to study either at a good IIT at home in India, or at a good engineering school in the following countries: the US, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan or Singapore.

Studying in Poland may be cheaper in the short run, but the quality of education and the value of the diploma are lower, too, especially in terms of finding well paid and interesting jobs, so it turns out to be more expensive in the long run. Go where the R&D dollars are, and, like I said, Poland has very little R&D.
21 Feb 2017 /  #8
The problem will always be the same. What prospects do you have after paying to study at this Uni?
If the answer is NONE, then don't bother studying.
It is unfair, I know, but studying at a well-known Uni will open doors. Studying at others will not.
People will always ask you why you chose this and not that Uni? Saying that it was cheaper - will not get you far.
21 Feb 2017 /  #9
1. Is that a European Master Degree valuable than Indian ?

Why are you asking us if a European masters degree is valuable in India? YOU'RE the one from India, not us, so if anybody should know, shouldn't it be you?

2. What are my chances of getting into a Good Job after my studies ? Do i need to study any languages or what i need to do as a Non-EU Student ?

In India? Or in Europe? Again, we don't know the market in India, so you should ask someone from India how they view European degrees.
23 Feb 2017 /  #10
why you are like that ????????? Give me reason why are you like that??? everyone want to come to study at poland you feel him down about studying in poland and want him to change his plans and to study in his homeland i think if you have a positive advice for someone you can add it's better i found all your comments in the all posts u feel all the people down to study abroad i think it's not of your business if someone want to study abroad or in Poland and leave your negative comments you own mind !!!!!!!!
23 Feb 2017 /  #11
Give me reason why are you like that???

Why he shares his experience about living and studying in Poland? Because people ask him for that. You're not happy with the harsh reality? Don't read the advises and keep living in your imaginary perfect world, simple.
23 Feb 2017 /  #12
why you are like that ?

First of all, I lived in Poland 12 years and worked at universities there, so I know the quality of education, both for native Poles and for foreigners.

I think it's criminal that universities in Poland, both real and fake, as well as scam "consultants" and "agents" in developing countries are recruiting naive and desperate students like you, taking their money and promising that they will get a valuable degree and, worse, that it will be easy for them to find a part-time job to finance their studies and a good job after their studies. They make it seem interesting and easy, and that their schools are as good as those in West.

The reality is, as Wulkan said, very harsh, and nothing like the university recruiters or the "consultants" and "agents" promise. The programs taught in English to foreigners are, with very few exceptions, of very poor quality, much much worse than those taught in Polish to Polish students. And much, much, much, much worse than these foreign students can get at a good university in the West. It turns out that, cheap though these programs may seem, they are a very, very poor investment that, in most cases, amounts to flushing money down the toilet.

Most of these poor foreign students never finish their studies and return back to their home countries penniless because the promised part-time jobs simply don't exist, or because they soon figure out that the school is third-rate and that a degree from it is essentially worthless on the job market in any country. The few that do finish their studies realize that they have wasted thousands of dollars and the best years of their life once they figure out that no one, no where, is interested in hiring them, in Poland, in their home countries, and elsewhere.

Now tell me what you think is wrong about trying to help poor desperate students from developing countries from becoming the victims of a very nasty scam, and offering them practical and useful advice?

Or would you rather see them "follow their dreams", waste the best years of their lives and all their parents life savings, and learn the lesson the hard way?

Like Wulkan said, reality is harsh, and this is a very nasty corner of reality that is very, very ugly.
Boom Boom  
23 Feb 2017 /  #13
I agree with you 200% and on youtube they advertise how to go to Poland on student visa and how they help you to get temporary resident card in the EU for 3 years.Its a big scam lately going on in Poland and agents making mega money.
23 Feb 2017 /  #14
The worst is this site: studyinpoland/en/index.php/about-poland/7-living-in-poland

Notice that it says "In Polish cities it's easy for a student to find a part-time job".

Now the kicker is that this site is funded by the rectors of the serious Polish state universities. And they have the balls to place a "fraud alert" on their home page. when they are no better than scam artists themselves.

It makes me want to cry.
Boom Boom  
23 Feb 2017 /  #15
DominicB,if you know how to report some consultants I can help I know 2 in Warsaw doing that and believe it or not they making over 70k euros a month(*as per there owners bragging),I feel really bad about then duping these innocent people selling there properties, taking life long loans etc thinking of better life in the EU and lately I heard about an Indian girl student who died and was lying in a morgue for 3 weeks as no one wanted to pay for her body to be sent back,sad really sad.
23 Feb 2017 /  #16
I'm afraid it wouldn't do any good. There will always be plenty more scam artists to replace them, and there is an inexhaustible supply of desperate and naive young people in developing countries to prey on. Like I said, even the real state universities are in on the scam.

My solution would be to round up these scam artists, publicly flog them within an inch of their lives, castrate them, tar and feather them, and brand them on all their body parts with a great big "SCAM ARTIST" brand. Then sentence them all to hard labor in the worst penal colony in Burkina Faso for the rest of their natural lives so they get gang-raped by hardened war criminals. Even that is too good for them. Although it would be fun for the war criminals.
Boom Boom  
23 Feb 2017 /  #17
lol why do the dirty work yourself ?just send them to Syria in American soldier uniform in Assad controlled area:) ALONE WITHOUT WEAPONS:)
23 Feb 2017 /  #18
It makes me want to cry.

It's only going to get worse, now that the funding is likely to dry up for many "directions" that are worthless in the eyes of Gowin.

There's apparently some "higher schools" near Warsaw where the intake is almost exclusively those looking for a backdoor into the EU.
23 Feb 2017 /  #19
It's only going to get worse, now

Have you deliberately ignored that part when he was talking about scam that is going on? Of course you did, just to change the subject and rant about PiS.

My solution would be to round up these scam artists, publicly flog them within an inch of their lives

Sure, hopefully PiS will get it, but then you will be screaming bloody murder.
Seriously though that should be fixed in no time given that most of the unis in Poland is mainly financed by the government.
23 Feb 2017 /  #20
Have you deliberately ignored that part when he was talking about scam that is going on?

I haven't ignored anything. PO and PiS are both guilty of handing out visas and residence permits like sweets to many poorly educated people that bring nothing to the country.

About fixing it - the problem is that the universities are heavily dependent on the money that they bring in. PiS aren't so stupid as to cut off a supply of cash to the universities like that, even if it means that we get flooded with Indians and Arabs.
23 Feb 2017 /  #21
PO and PiS are both guilty of handing out visas and residence permits

Still, PiS need time to fix things - lets give them a chance.. Do you think a fact that majority of those people have been supporting PO is just a pure coincidence and has no connection with this scam?

stick to the topic please
30 Apr 2017 /  #22

Hi frankie i am from Pakistan and want to get admission in this university. First of all you must know that this university comes in the list of international taking secondly fee is very very cheap. Thirdly degree will be recognised in India like Pakistan.

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