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Hotel / Hostel in Wroclaw in the city centre - any recomendations?

NODUFF 5 | 13
31 May 2011 #1
Wroclaw is going to be our next visit. We've got time off work and booked the flights. We just need a half decent mid range hotel or hostel in the centre for 4 days - can anyone suggest somewhere for some young at heart 40 year olds? Many thanks
Antek_Stalich 5 | 997
31 May 2011 #2

Sorry for my laconic answer above, Noduff. I prefer the Wodnik because the price is GBP60 for nice double room, breakfast included. The hotel is located close to the Odra River, has internal parking, Internet available in rooms (wireless and/or cable). Small, cozy hotel. I'm not sure whether the restaurant operates, though.

The only drawback is that -- although the hotel is seemingly located not so far from the Grunwaldzki Bridge and just opposite to the Technical University campus (that's on the other bank of the river), a pedestrian needs to walk around a kilometre to get to the next tram. I don't mind as I drive a car but you might consider taxis -- those are not that costly though.

But now I'm thinking and I could recommend just another hotel for you, the Campanile Wrocław:

Campanile is located only 1 kilometre from the very city centre, similar price for double room and as I can remember the standard is far higher there. Yes, decidedly, choose Campanile!

Remember book the room early, otherwise the hotel might be already full.
gumishu 13 | 6,063
31 May 2011 #3
GBP60 for nice double room, breakfast included.

is pretty much like prices in small hotels in Britain IIRC

The only drawback is that -- although the hotel is seemingly located not so far from the Grunwaldzki Bridge and just opposite to the Technical University campus (that's on the other bank of the river),

I'm pretty sure there is a pedestrian bridge over Odra not far from there
Antek_Stalich 5 | 997
31 May 2011 #4
I'm terribly sorry -- I have updated the post above and can recommend Campanile Hotel to anybody. Same price, far more convenient from any angle.
Dominicus - | 23
1 Jun 2011 #5
Campanile is very close to the old town, and there is a tram stop close by if you're to lazy to walk.

If your looking for someplace cheaper, your best bet is Trio on Legnicka. Cheap, clean and very close to the center (and there is a tram and bus stop right outside). It's a hostel. No bathrooms in the rooms. Two person room costs 76 PLN. Not luxurious, but comfortable enough, and the price and location can't be beat. Exactly what your looking for if your on a tight budget.

I live just up the street, and I've been living here in Wrocław for five years, so I can help you figure out what to see. The town square is AMAZING, and there is a lonely mountain just outside the city that is an easy climb and well worth it. The Botanical Garden, Panorama, and Japanese Garden are must sees, as is the Cathedral Island. A boatride on the Odra River is also a good idea, or you could rent a rowboat from next to the National Museum and paddle around to your heart's content.

Another place to try is hotel Patio, right off the square. Their prices vary A LOT depending on expected bookings. I was able to get a double room for my brother and mom when they visited last year for only 200 PLN. Two weeks later, though, the price was prohibitive. Worth giving a try- the location is perfect and the standard is very high. My family was impressed.

Hotel Wrocław is another possibility. Sort of high end, but you can get good deals if you book early enough. Also worth trying. 20 min walk to the town square, and trams 6 and 7 go directly from the hotel to the square.

Hope this all helps.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
1 Jun 2011 #6
campanile: close to the centre, but there is no direct route. 10-15 mins walk.
if you're hungry there is a McDonalds nearby and a big tesco 10 mins away.

note: the main railway station is undergoing a refit/repairs and is not the sort of place u want to be with only two minutes to spare.
Antek_Stalich 5 | 997
5 Jun 2011 #7
I've just drove up from Wodnik to the pedestrian bridge (Kladka Szczytnicka) and strolled over the bridge. Magnificent view on the river and the Technical University, so sunny and peaceful. The ZOO just behind the bridge. I only regret I haven't taken my camera with me on the walk.

Hadn't I need to carry equipment with me, I could really take a long stroll to the University. Weather in Wroclaw is very warm now, like it were full Summer. Sweating!
11 Sep 2013 #8
[Moved from]: How much zloty for 3 night stay in Wroclaw??

Off to Wroclaw from Monday morning until Thursday evening.

Accomodation already paid for.

How much to have a crazy time in the city, Afrodyta and 22??
airmaro - | 6
19 Sep 2013 #9
It will cost 270pln/1h in afrodyta and i would reccomend you that place as the best in the city, entrance for free. If you need transport i recommend english speaking drivers from that company: airport wroclaw transfer.
Mad time
21 Sep 2013 #10
Cheers mate. Nice one!!
jon357 72 | 21,259
3 May 2015 #11
Merged: Hotels in Wroclaw?

Can anybody commend a good hotel in or very very near to the Old Town in Wroclaw?

I've only ever been there on flying visits and last time I stayed it was out of town a bit. This time we're just going for a nice weekend.

One of us has mobility issues so we do want somewhere very central and it should be a decent hotel although no need to be 5 or even 4 star since we'll be out and about for most of the time. Price isn't as important as location.
DominicB - | 2,709
3 May 2015 #12
Hotel Patio is right off the town square, and is very nice. My mom has mobility issues, too, and she was happy staying there when she and my brothers came to visit me. I highly recommend it:
jon357 72 | 21,259
4 May 2015 #13
Thanks, I looked it up on booking. and it seems perfect.

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