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HELP: how to travel from Warsaw to Rzeczenica Polska

boo9955 2 | 3
25 Dec 2010 #1
Hi guys,
care to help foreigner?
I would like to travel from warsaw to Rzeczenica. I dont speak polish at all, but i guess i can learn some sentences before I get there.

How can I reach Rzeczenica from warsaw airport?
I tried to look up bus or train or even flight to nearest airport, but my limited polish make this impossible to get useful info.

I will be travelling from tokyo. I will have choice to arrive at warsaw airport at 19:30 or at 12:40 around new year holidays.
Happy holidays!
Lukasz K - | 103
25 Dec 2010 #2
If that is Rzeczenica in Pomorskie it will be a long trip... But possible becouse the village lies on the main road connecting seaside with the central Poland.

There is a bus from Warsaw to nearby town of Człuchów from Warszawa Zachodnia bus station at 9.50 arriving in Człuchów 17.18

But unfortunately there will be no bus to Rzeczenica on the same day

There is a long-run bus from £ódź Bus Station at 7.30 towards Koszalin that stops in Rzeczenica at 14.37

so I think the better idea will be to get from Warsaw to £ódź (train from Central station - nearly one per hour) an than take this bus.


25 Dec 2010 #3
Personally I'd come at this from another angle: fly into Berlin (probably be cheaper anyway) then train from Berlin to Koszalin (it's easy to get round Berlin speaking no German) and then bus from there. Another alternative would be fly to Berlin, then train to Poznan and hire a car there. I suppose you could also hire a car in Koszalin.
bimber94 7 | 254
25 Dec 2010 #4
If I was going to Rzeczenica, I wouldn't start from Warsaw :D

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