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Warsaw city card. Can I order it at Poczta Polska?

7 Jan 2015 /  #1
Can I order warsaw city card at Poczta Polska? I've read it is possible in the book which has been published in 2004.
So wondering if it still possible.
7 Jan 2015 /  #2
Can I order warsaw city card at Poczta Polska?

No. But you can get it at all of these locations:

Remember to take a passport-style photo with you (3.5 x 4.5 cm), and your passport.

You can also apply online (you'll need a passport-style photo to send electronically) and then collect the card at the ticket office of your choice.
7 Jan 2015 /  #3
it also states that....
People who live in Warsaw and during the taxable year filed a tax return for the previous year in revenue office in Warsaw will be allowed to use cheaper long-term tickets valid both in zone 1 and 2. It will be so-called the Varsovian Card. This entitlement will also concern children of those people up to 20 years of age with the Young Varsovian Card (in case of tickets valid only in zone 1).
7 Jan 2015 /  #4
the Varsovian Card

Yes, but firstly the OP wasn't asking about the Varsovian Card and secondly the OP doesn't qualify for a Varsovian Card.
7 Jan 2015 /  #5
Thank you for infos.
I was looking for the price of the card on ZTM HP,but seems like there're no price list.I heard the card expirations are 30days and 90days.

Does anyone know the price? And where is Centrum underground station? I cant make picture to passport size,so thinking to go to ZTM office,nearest one is Pavillion B but there's no address where the location is.

I am very new here,first time to live in Europe..
Any info would be helpful.
Thanks in advance.

Shizuka(I posted this from different divice I forgot PW so post different name as Guest)
8 Jan 2015 /  #6
Centrum underground station is in front of Empik on marzalkauska street and Apple store in between,take the steps down make a right then steps down again and left on the left side over the tracks the ztm office is there.

If you want the photos right behind that empik store there is a photo place they take it there and will give you in 5 minutes if you tell them what the pics are for.BTW ZTM office dont make pics.

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