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Gdansk - photographs

imagegroup 1 | 9
5 Feb 2011 #1
Will be visiting Gdansk in a few weeks to photograph for Travel 'image library' . Looking for hidden areas of character or history. any advice.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
5 Feb 2011 #2
Nice pictures..

Ilkley eh..? spent many a happy hour there when i lived in Leeds...

I am from Scarborough originally , but now live in Polska...

Do you do any photos in Russia...?
emha - | 92
5 Feb 2011 #3
Maybe the lighthouse ?
OP imagegroup 1 | 9
8 Feb 2011 #4
Hi,,we love the Yorkshire East Coast, taken many photographs there, have a look at
Not got as far as Russia, still lots to enjoy and photograph in Poland. Thanks for reply

Hi emha, thanks for the info on The Light House at Gdansk. Will certainly visit there on our next trip.
Des Essientes 7 | 1,291
13 Feb 2011 #5
That lighthouse is too "busy" looking with all those accoutrements atop it. I hope they all serve some valuable purpose because they are an architectural affront.
OP imagegroup 1 | 9
3 Apr 2011 #6
Back from our trip to Gdansk, highlights were the Motlawa river frozen over, also the sea frozen at Sopot. Lots of photo's to edit. Preparing a photo exhibition, hopefully ready soon.

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