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In Poland, breathtaking aerial photographs

17 Nov 2011 /  #1
Breathtaking aerial photographs of Kacper Kowalski

He's an aerial photographer who floats over the landscape in paragliders and geoplanes, as he did last year when an wicked winter freeze wreaked havoc on roads, airports railways and ports.
The results were breathtaking.
At least from the sky.

Introduction and instruction on how to take aerial photos in winter:

Four of his spectacular stories are accessible from here:

Winter - 55 images - all black and white with occasional splash of colour, mostly from vicinity of Baltic Sea
Autumn - 44 images - an orgy of colours from Kashubian forests, near Gdańsk
Sandomierz Submerged - 34 images - stunning colourful objects and people on the background of muddy flood waters
Toxic beauty - 27 images - stains of human civilisation imprinted on the landscape
26 Jan 2013 /  #3
Merged: Where to develop Kodak Tri-X film in Krakow ?


I'm outside Poland, doing standard black and white photography using Tri-X 400 film. Unfortunately, due to the decrease in demand and profitability, no shop here is processing those films themselves anymore and it takes 1 week to get them back, which is too late for me. I'll rather get them processed once I come back home to Krakow. Which shop do you recommend, that will process them or ship them to an external lab ?

25 Oct 2014 /  #4
Go to photo studio at Mogilska. I don't know which, there are two such places there - Mogilska 27 and Mogilska 11. One of them.
They were developing old black/white films, maybe they still do. Ask.

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