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Gdańsk to Kraków - fastest by train/bus?

MirandaVisser 2 | 1
27 Mar 2013 #1
Hi everybody,

Soon I'm going to Kraków. What is the fastest way to get in Kraków from Gdańsk with train/bus?
Flying is no option for me.

I hope somebody can give me some advice how

phtoa 9 | 236
27 Mar 2013 #2
Google polski bus
28 Mar 2013 #3
Polish train timetables.
sebastian46 - | 2
5 Apr 2013 #4
Merged: Travelling through Poland in June (from Gdansk to Krakow)

As I said i will be travelling in june from gdansk to krakow and i checked some forums and some said that it will take 10 hours some said that 6 hours and google maps says the same, so im asking which would be the best way to go, and even which one would be better for the landscape.

Thank you
5 Apr 2013 #5
Best way will be train. Check the PKP timetable online. I'm not sure if the track repairs will be finished by June, but it won't be more than nine hours regardless (could be only six).
nataliaklo - | 3
8 Apr 2013 #6
the best way is probably by train, you can also choose to travel by bus, but it will take much more time and is less comfortable (no place to stretch your legs etc.)

you can check the timetable on the PKP website ( and if you want to buy tickets in advance you can do it here:

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