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Family friendly activities in Krakow

12 Apr 2016 #1
We will be staying 1 month in Kraków this summer. We will have our son (18 month old) with us so we will need plenty of child friendly activities. Can anyone suggest child friendly places to visit? Are there any nice parks with play areas? Any museums with childrens areas? Any nursery rhyme classes at the library? Places with soft play areas? Any tips on child friendly accommodation or restaurants would be great too. Thanks!
16 Apr 2016 #2
We will have our son (18 month old) with us

Quite a young age to keep entertained, but here are a few things you might consider going to.

There is the Kraków chocolate factory:-

This park sounds particularly good for children :-

Puppet theatre :-

Family focused cafe and ice-cream parlour:-

Water park, although at 18 months he's probably a bit too young :-

The Zoo:-

Butterfly museum :-

Krakow: Nimfa Wisla River Cruise?

Related: Anyone been on this cruise or the booze cruise? Is it a worthwhile activity?

It's a great way to look over this city.

"Starting from the royal castle, Wawel, the ship can take you as far as Tyniec monastery, making the cruise a real joy for both adults and children. And if you would like to make the the river safari even more thrilling, you can book a cruise at night or accompanied by artistic show and music."

Check the weather though; unlike cold and wet - sunny and warm day is always a good addition.

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