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Częstochowa - could give me some good info on the place?

superkill 7 | 9
20 May 2011 #1
Hey guys I'm back, I'm the kid going to Poland as an exchange student for a year and I have finally found out where I am going to be staying at in Poland. I will be staying in Częstochowa, and I have googled the city, but cant really find out too much about the place, so I was wondering if you guys could give me some good info on the place. Just include anything interesting about the place, its people, etc. Ok thanks.
pauuss - | 3
20 May 2011 #2
Imm from Spain, Im a girl and im going to go to Czestochowa last year in a Erasmus too. I cant find so much information about it, like u explain.

But if you want we cant talk and know each other:)
jwojcie 2 | 762
20 May 2011 #3
Częstochowa is known for Jasna Góra Monastery and... not much more :)
There is good speedway team over there, some nice hills - good for climbing trainings, some nice small rivers good for canoes.
Other than that it is relatively close and well connected with some bigger towns so if you there you can plan some trips around.
Antek_Stalich 5 | 997
20 May 2011 #4
There are many bands in Częstochowa, of any genres, and a lot of concerts.

For those who don't know:
T.Love with Muniek Staszczyk are a Częstochowa band.
The guitarist for Maanam (now Kora Band) Janusz Yanina Iwański lives in Częstochowa.
pauuss - | 3
20 May 2011 #5
and something intersting about nigthlife? :)
jwojcie 2 | 762
20 May 2011 #6
Hm... I've not been there for a long time so I don't want to discourage you but Czestochowa is not known for a great nightlife. The best nightlife I had there was in student dormitory with a friends I visited.
pauuss - | 3
20 May 2011 #7
Ok its enough duringe the week, i know that Krakow and Katowice are closer... thank you so much :)
hythorn 3 | 580
20 May 2011 #8
it is friendly enough, ok for a day trip, not a great place to live

if you want to meet native English speakers you can contact some of the English language schools, someone will want to hang out with you

the village and castle of Olsztyn are great for a day trip
Poraj is pretty cool too
14 Jun 2011 #9
Hey, when are you moving there? I'm going as an exchange student too during september and haven't been able to gather much info on the place. I'm 20 from Mexico, looking to meet people there.
Wroclaw Boy
14 Jun 2011 #10
Im not religious at all but Jasna Gora is an extremely impressive place.
Czestochowa 9 | 50
14 Jun 2011 #11
Nightlife is mainly this place:

There is also a Cinema City which is as modern as any cinema I've seen in the west, it was built about 5/6 years ago, shows some Polish films as well as Hollywood type films in English with Polish subtitles and has the usual vastly overpriced beverages and popcorn.

There are a few decent restaurants as well as a few chain places like Sphinx. Just don't go to the Chinese place, its very expensive and I'm pretty sure an Uncle Bens microwave rice far exceeds anything the kitchen there can produce. Cafe Consonni does great ice cream, cakes, coffee and plenty of students go in there.

To be honest there is not a whole load of things to do compared to somewhere like Krakow, the trip will be what you make it though, find some new friends, be open to doing anything and your experience will be vastly improved.
Peter23 - | 4
21 Jun 2011 #12
Hey i living in Czestochowa from my birthday, please write to me i will try to help You. Greetings
spiritus 69 | 651
19 Jul 2011 #13
I came back from Czestochowa two weeks ago. I usually visit once a year.

There's a restaurant called "Lava Bistro" on the 3rd Aleja (nearest Jasna Gora) where they make home cooked food at very cheap prices.

You choose from a selection of foods and salads then they weigh the food you chose on your plate and then you pay. Simple idea and very cheap ! I paid 28 polish zloty for a plate full of delicious food along with a bottle of coke.
19 Jul 2011 #14
I never made it as far as Częstochowa, unfortunately. I've been told that the famous Matka Boska (Black Madonna of Tschenstochau) located in the town cathedral is especially beautiful!

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