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City apartments in Warsaw for tourists

sobieski 107 | 2,128
18 Sep 2012 #1
We get 4 guests from Belgium coming over end of October for 3 nights...I am looking for a nice apartment for them to stay. The offer of short-term apartments on the net is very big. Any recommendations & reliable links? 2 bedrooms, good level, New or Old Town. Thanks...
Zibi - | 336
18 Sep 2012 #2
Without passing any judgement, but this may be of interest.
BBman - | 344
19 Sep 2012 #3

I've used them in the past and was quite satisfied. You can filter results based on location, price, etc.
sa11y 5 | 331
19 Sep 2012 #4
you can try warsaw apartments.
A bit more geared for business travelers than families, but clean and nice. Make sure you ask them for pots/ pans/ hair dryer/ iron (if you need those things). The apartment we stayed in was a bit scarcely equipped. They have apartments in Sadyba and Wilanow.

If you want something closer to the centre try , one of my friends stayed in one of their apartments and was happy.
11 Aug 2016 #5
Merged: I need help to find apartment for rent in Warsaw

Hello guys. I need help to find apartment in Warsaw for 1 year rent. I'm looking for rents on but cant communicate with agents or owners they put their numbers without watsapp and dont reply emails. Anyone here can help me? I cant call them because i dont live in Poland right now and dont know Polish language. :(((
11 Aug 2016 #6
I would recommend you first stay in (fully furnished appts) and then look out for apt place for stay. once you settle
11 Aug 2016 #7
Thank you so much

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