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Wroclaw vs Warsaw vs Cracow? - Which city is better for education?

sedif 3 | 5
17 Jul 2011 #1
Which city is better for education?

Wroclaw university of technlogy
Warsaw university of technology
Cracow university of technology

I don't know polish and i will make polish course then i will take polish education in architeckture faculty... Where is better for polishing up my polish language? Which do you advise to me as a polish... Thanks :)

Help me pleaseee. I have to decide :/
gumishu 13 | 6,134
17 Jul 2011 #2
I would if only I could - the thing is I am only more or less familiar with Wrocław Technical University so I cannot compare - still my guess is Warsaw has best architecture faculty and best support for foreign students (remember it is a guess)
pawian 222 | 23,646
17 Jul 2011 #3
Warsaw, being the capital, offers greatest opportunities.

See the ranking of UoT in Poland:
21 Apr 2015 #4
Merged: Studying Computer science, Wroclaw University of Technology or Warsaw University of Technology?

I will apply one of these universities. I will study Computer Science in English. Can you compare them in all aspects?

I heard Wroclaw is more student friendly city. Low living costs compared to Warsaw. But how about quality of education?
terri 1 | 1,663
21 Apr 2015 #5
As a prospective student, surely, you have the ability to search on the internet for your answers.
Why should someone who doesn't know you and is busy working for a living spend their time searching for answers which you can get within a few minutes.
7 Jun 2015 #6
Merged: warsaw university of technology

Hi, i'm from India, n i'll be joining mechatronics at WUT in october. Can anyone tell me about the career aspects after graduating from WUT . And also about warsaw's climate ....
DominicB - | 2,707
7 Jun 2015 #7
Actually, this is being discussed on another thread at the moment. Read all about it here:

Short answer: There is little reason for an Indian student to study in Poland. Although the cost of tuition may seem low, the quality of education is also low, especially in programs taught in English. Also, there is very little chance that you will be able to find part-time work to finance your studies.

Job opportunities for recent grads are few and far between, and it is highly unlikely that you will find work in Poland after you graduate, or would want to stay. As far as finding work in richer countries is concerned, you would be no better off than if you graduated from a good engineering school in India. Also, if you want to study engineering, study highly paid fields like petroleum, geological or biomedical engineering rather than mechatronics. There is a lot of money spent on prospecting, and when the economy goes bad, this is one of the very few fields where spending goes up, so it is recession-proof. You could do a sub-specialty in automation if you want as part of your studies. Your lifetime savings potential would be significantly higher if you studied one of the fields I mentioned.

Either stay in India and study a highly paid specialty of engineering at a good engineering school there on the hopes of getting into a good graduate program in a richer country, or take a year off and study math, physics, chemistry and English very hard to get admitted with a scholarship to an excellent engineering school in the US, another English-speaking country, or a rich Western European country like Germany, Switzerland or Sweden. Or South Korea or Japan.

Go where the R&D dollars are. There is very little R&D done in Poland. R&D spending per capita in Poland is only 14% of that in the US or South Korea.
31 May 2016 #8
Merged: Wroclaw Vs Warsaw : Which city is better to live in as an International student.

Dzien Dobry :) I would like to ask people who have experience in both cities. What are the pros and cons of living and studying in either of them as a foreigner? What city is more international ? What city attracts more foreigner? and what city is better in the life style in general. Lastly, I would appreciate it so much if someone can suggest me which university is better, Warsaw Uni. or Wroclaw Uni.

Thanks so much in advance !
Lyzko 45 | 9,274
31 May 2016 #10
Something tells me Warsaw/Varsovia, then again, I've only been to Poland once and that was a long time ago:-)

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