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Warsaw University of Technology - Power engineering or production engineering & management?

AhmedAly 6 | 13
30 Mar 2014 #1
Im Confused , Im planning to do master this year in Warsaw University of Technology but I don't know what to choose ,( Power engineering) Or production engineering & management. would anybody could help, which is better faculty regarding doctors and subjects and what is more demand in the job markets and companies..?!!
Monitor 14 | 1,818
30 Mar 2014 #2
What have you studied for bachelor that you ask such question? I think that Power engineering is better specialty in case of job, because "production engineering & management" is just another management studies and graduates of management have biggest problem finding any good job.
OP AhmedAly 6 | 13
31 Mar 2014 #3
I have finished my bachelor in mechanical power engineering , but i am though if i make my master in different issue I would keep my opportunities open to work in diffrent fiel, but i think I will keep myself in Power Engineering. Thank you for Your fast reply

if you don't mind, I have a second question, it will be after finishing the Master , Is Poland a good country in job opportunities , I mean is there any chance to find good work there after Finishing the Master , i know polish is a mandatory issue that i have to learn but apart from that Is it possible ?!
Monitor 14 | 1,818
31 Mar 2014 #4
For out out of EU people it's rather possible only in IT field. In other fields, Power Enginnering including, the competition of locals is to fierce. You would have much bigger chances somewhere in the west. Not to mention that Polish language belongs to one of the hardest to learn.
DominicB - | 2,707
31 Mar 2014 #5
what is more demand in the job markets and companies

In terms of job prospects, lifetime earning potential, lifetime savings potential, portability, and recession-proofness, three engineering fields stand out far above the rest: petroleum engineering, geological engineering and biomedical engineering. Unless you have a good reason not to, it would be wise to consider one of these fields.

As for studying in Poland, while it may be cheaper than studying in the West, students unanimously complain about two major drawbacks: insufficient funding for practical courses, and poor partnering and sponsorship of schools by the business and industrial communities. The latter is a big problem not only because of funding, but also in terms of job opportunities and opportunities for advancement.

The job market for engineers in Poland is not very competitive on a global scale. In almost all fields, Poland produces more engineers than it can employ, and many young Polish engineers seek better opportunities abroad. Again, job opportunities, opportunities for advancement, lifetime earning potential, lifetime savings potential and overall quality of life are far higher for engineers in the West than for their peers in Poland.

A lot of engineering jobs in Poland, especially in IT, are outsourced or "internally outsourced", meaning that the employees are almost completely cut off from the corporate structure, making networking, and thus advancement, difficult or downright impossible. Little money is spent on enhancing employee qualifications. Furthermore, the overriding criterion in all employee-employer interactions is keeping wages as low as possible. If you want to advance, get a job for a Western corporation in the mainstream part of its operations.

As a non-EU foreigner who presumably does not speak Polish, there is little reason to study engineering in Poland. Better educational opportunities exist in abundance in the West.

Learning Polish would be a waste of time because it's highly unlikely that you will spend the rest of your life in Poland. You'd soon be tempted by better employment opportunities abroad.

Cost may be a factor, but for graduate degrees, financial aid of various kinds is available in the West, even for foreigners. Financial aid in Poland would be very difficult to get, and not be anywhere as generous as in the West. Student employment is possible, and even probable, in the West. There is little chance that you will be able to work as a student in Poland. Whatever money you would save on studies would be lost in the long run, if not the short run.

Bottom line: study petroleum engineering, geological engineering or biomedical engineering at a good school in Western Europe in an English-speaking country, especially the U.S.

If you can't get in this year, spend it beefing up your qualifications in Egypt, and do some effective networking with your professors in Egypt and prospective academic advisors in the West. Correspond in abundance with people who are doing the stuff you are interested in, and inquire about grad school opportunities, and, most importantly, whether they know anyone else who can help you. Once you get someone at a good school interested in you, they will be able to find sufficient funding for your studies and research.

Or study in Egypt. A degree from a good engineering school in Poland is not worth much more than a degree from a good engineering school in Egypt, and taking cost and quality of life into account, is probably not worth the trouble.

One last thing: as Monitor said, avoid any engineering programs with "management" in the title. Degrees in management are worth very little on the global job market unless they come from toppity-top schools and are backed up by plenty of real-life experience. On the Polish market, they are essentially worthless.
Karolina_K - | 2
19 Aug 2014 #6
I can reccomend you Management and Engineering Production at Lodz University of Technology. The Uni offers studies in English on International Faculty of Engineering. It's easy to get the job cause uni colaborate with many enterprises. I'm an example :) I work as a logistic specialist cause my teacher sent me a job offer :)

Lodz is in central Poland (it's 3rd biggest city) and costs of living are much lower that in Warsaw. Lodz is developing rapidly and there is many opportunites to start or develop career.
5 Nov 2014 #7
Merged: I want to apply in Warsaw University of Technology in Automobile Eng for MS - reputation?

i want to know the reputation and after completion job in the same field . i had done mechanical engineering from india .
5 Nov 2014 #9
thank you for prompt reply . can i get decent job if i do ms from there , because m going to take hefty loan to do study . is it worth coming there leaving India back .
Monitor 14 | 1,818
5 Nov 2014 #10
No, Poland has small R&D industry comparing to western countries, so there is not so much jobs for engineers to hire foreigners. Only exception is IT. If you want to work in Poland, then study IT here, otherwise it has not sense, because you won't get a job in Poland and Polish universities don't have good reputation in the west.
5 Nov 2014 #11
thanks alot :)
5 Nov 2014 #12
What about other mechanical MS branches like Global Production Management , Mechanical Design ( MD is little-bit of IT work ) like design on computers etc . Does these courses help in future regarding JOB . Is job easily available for Engineers there in Poland or neighboring Country after MS .

Please help me out
Monitor 14 | 1,818
5 Nov 2014 #13
As for Poland I've already told you. As for other country you need visa and work permit. If you graduate from other EU country then usually you have right to work there. At least it's like that in Poland and Germany. So if you graduate from German university, then you will get work permit automatically. If you graduate from Polish, then you will get work permit for Poland only, while you won't find a job in Poland and for Germany you will still have to apply as any other foreigner for the permit.
5 Nov 2014 #14
okey thank you

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