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Which courses should I study in Poland? (engineering, management, computers)

8 Mar 2014 /  #1

I am from jessica from India, I have started planning to do studies from poland and then do job there, please can you tell me which course should I study( I can study engineering , management , computers ) and from where should I study so that my job chances get higher in Poland. I have started learning Polish and its interesting :-)

Thank you
8 Mar 2014 /  #2
I wouldn't recommend it. Polish universities are no better than Indian universities, and a degree from a Polish university does not open any more doors than a degree from an Indian one. The job market in Poland is highly competitive, wages are very low, prospects for lifetime earnings and lifetime savings are poor, and opportunities for self-advancement are limited or lacking. All in all, I can see no advantage of studying in Poland over studying at a good university in India.

If you don't want to study in India, then study at a good university in Western Europe or in an English-speaking country. Though more expensive in the short term, the quality and conditions of education are far higher than in Poland, and job prospects are much better.

See this thread from today for more details:

Also, studying management is not a good choice. Much better to major in a STEM field (science, technology, engineering and math). Petroleum and geological engineering are excellent choices with stellar employment and earnings prospects, as are actuarial mathematics, financial mathematics and econometrics. Math means money.
24 May 2016 /  #3
Merged: Master in Kraków

Hi guys, I'm from Brazil and I would like to do a master in Kraków next year. I study computer engineering.

how works the process? Also about the visa :)


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