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Studying in Warsaw (WUT) - degree valid worldwide?

12 Jan 2019  #1
Good morning everyone,

I'm really thinking of doing a bachelor in mechatronics at WUT , i did heard that english courses are of lesser quality (but keep in mind that it cannot be worse then in my home country ) , i do have a scholarship so i won't have to work , i just wanna know how is a polish degree percieved worldwide ? will i be able to do a master in Asia ( Japan, Singapore ) with it ? what should i expect in Poland ( life, climat , people ) ?
Lyzko 20 | 6,340
12 Jan 2019  #2
If you heard that English courses aka courses taught by Polish natives, are of lesser quality, you doubtless heard right! Tough I'd imagine for you to take a class as a foreigner yourself under a professor who's first language isn't English either, yet who teaches in it for an entire semester.
OP Ashka27
12 Jan 2019  #3
but I also spoke to some people on reddit some saying is getting better, others not, so basically I have mixed reviews, I'm trying into get as much as possible information before making a decision.
Lyzko 20 | 6,340
12 Jan 2019  #4
My advice would be to try a more costly, but in the end more rewarding, choice.
OP Ashka27
12 Jan 2019  #5
not that easy
Rich Mazur 5 | 3,343
12 Jan 2019  #6
Let me simplify it for you. There is a difference between listening to a boring lecture in English in a big room with bad acoustics and delivered in the language foreign to the speaker, and one-on-one conversations. Those lectures will be a torture for you. The conversations will be a walk in the park since everybody speaks very good English in Poland today.

I avoided all the non-mandatory classes and graduated just fine. When having notes from a lecture was critical, I would borrow them and copy. Labs were always mandatory, but those would never pose a problem for you.

Polish diploma in engineering is as good as your word during the interview and the first 3 months on the job. By then, your employer will know 95% about you. I came to the US with a diploma from WUT and didn't have to show it to anybody because nobody even asked. An hour long interview is sufficient to figure out if you (editorial) are a fake.

If your job requires that you register with the state as a professional engineer, you will have to pass the PE exam anyway. Just as the US educated lawyers have to pass the bar exam. Bottom line: my "communist" diploma from 1966 was never an obstacle in my life.
OP Ashka27
12 Jan 2019  #7
thanks for your answer i agrees with you that skill are more important than the actually degree
Lyzko 20 | 6,340
12 Jan 2019  #8
While I would agree with Rich concerning most of the second paragraph, as far as Polish native instructors speaking "very good" English, I again and for the umpteenth time to distraction no doubt, must adamantly disagree!

Here in the States, nearly all foreign-born professors lecturing of course in the English language, be they from Poland, India, Afghanistan or Zanzibar, usually would make a brief disclaimer before the class at the start of a new semester, acknowledging their lack of native-speaker English and asking for the class' indulgence.

I've no experience, certainly not in Poland, not even in other European countries, whether or not such is considered customary or appropriate:-)

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