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Vistula University in Poland. Any experience? Any student?

DominicB - | 2,709
18 Aug 2015 #31
It's not a real university, and a degree from there is worth nothing. Save your money and get into a real university.
jon357 67 | 16,654
18 Aug 2015 #32
Dominic, it is very much a 'real university'. A degree from their may not quite as useful or as rigorous as studying History of Art at the Courtauld Institute, Philosophy at Edinburgh or English at Gonville and Caius, Cambridge, however they offer real courses and a rewarding and enjoyable education.
Wulkan - | 3,243
18 Aug 2015 #33
So what, if the paper is useless.
jon357 67 | 16,654
18 Aug 2015 #34
Why do you think a Polish University offers worthless 'paper'?
DominicB - | 2,709
18 Aug 2015 #35
It's not a university, nor is it allowed to call itself a "uniwersytet" in Polish. It's a private "uczelnia" owned by some Turk that caters to spoiled rich kids from Middle Eastern countries, as well as gullible young people from elsewhere. Any degree from there is worthless, both within Poland and abroad.

There's no putting lipstick on this pig.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,456
19 Aug 2015 #36
Maybe its not the best univesity in Poland but i thought these private places are accredited and so is it right to say its fake.

Yes, they are accredited, and for some people, that's all that matters.

I know a few people that have taken various accredited courses in order to be qualified to do something - it doesn't matter if the paper comes from one of the top 3 universities or from a private school, as the qualification is what matters.
jon357 67 | 16,654
19 Aug 2015 #37
And the experience matters even more
2 Feb 2016 #38
Wooow, such an interesting discussion here.
Hi there, I'm from Vistula University. First of all, I think it is very unadvisedly to comment on something You have no idea about. Dom, have You studied in Vistula to comment on it so sharp? I've finished MA program, working now in my sphere in Warsaw (quite happy). By the end of my edu I had lot's of proposals (during the study I got a scholarship, won a couple of international contests). I absolutely agree with comment before, that diplom doesn't guarantee any job if you skipped classed, didn't participate in uni activities, didn't try to make internships. I suggest ONLY private universities.
2 Feb 2016 #39
So what, if the paper is useless.

We never come to the employer with the "paper". we come with expirience and knowledge. History could show us too many examples of geniuses who left schools and succeeded.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
3 Feb 2016 #40
Vistula is NO university. It is just another of the Mickey Mouse private schools in Poland. It belongs to some very wealthy Turks (I have met some of them) owning a few schools in Poland, in Germany and also in South Africa. They MAY have some decent programs since a high level (Polish) politician whom I personally know gives regular lectures there but generally speaking Vistula is nothing "special" in Warsaw. For Poles, "Vistula" is a brand of shirts ;)
Roger5 1 | 1,457
3 Feb 2016 #41
Their suits are pretty good, too.
21 Apr 2016 #42
So the best conclusion is? ??
jon357 67 | 16,654
21 Apr 2016 #43
That it isn't the best university in town by a long way, but their courses are accredited and it's genuine.
21 Apr 2016 #44
So there is no big problem if i took vistula univ, and all about job is depens on the person. Anymore?
jon357 67 | 16,654
21 Apr 2016 #45
There are certainly better institutions however this one is accredited.

and all about job is depens on the person

Whether you go to Cambridge or a smalltown community college this is always true. You should still aim to get in the best place you can, since that can open doors.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,456
21 Apr 2016 #46
It belongs to some very wealthy Turks (I have met some of them) owning a few schools in Poland, in Germany and also in South Africa.

Are they the same Turks that own that strange school...what's the name, Meridian or something?
InPolska 11 | 1,821
22 Apr 2016 #47
@Delph: yes, it is and some years ago, I and few others had dinner with him (don't remember his name though ;)). Why do you say "strange"? Meridian is well established, offers IB and most of the kids thereof are Polish (affordable for middle incomes).
26 Apr 2016 #48
Hi) Can you help me i don't know which university i should choose Lazarski or Vistula. And what better just Management or in Tourism

and Travel Management, or Business Economics?
27 Apr 2016 #49
Hello everyone ,
Vistula is in my eyes very good universty. Personel and workers here very helpful. I am an Ukrainen student. Firstly I want to talk about this my favourite university in Poland. Everyone think this also. Please dont say about your bad words. You can come and you can see how can be perfect family here, with teachers, with students, with personals and of course with workers:))))

Thank you your attention.
Welcome to the our University:)
We are waiting everyone.
Best regards!!!!
27 Apr 2016 #50
Well, if you want to be in contact with different cultures, than Vistula should be your first choice. It is like you are studying at a foreign university. It is possible to ask professors for help. Students are very talkative.
27 Apr 2016 #51
I have to say that some of these comments are quiet unnecessary. I mean this university offers you real international Relations. Warsaw University is just known by its name. Vistula gives students what they will really need for life. They have so many activities. In this university you have to speak in english what I think it is a pretty good thing. And btw even if it belongs to turkish academician for an ecample in Kazachstan one of the best universities is a turkish university. I think you have to get experiences from Vistula to fully understand its quality.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,456
27 Apr 2016 #52
Hey, Vistula, your marketing department needs to be fired. Need a real professional to look after your social media? ;)

Hi) Can you help me i don't know which university i should choose Lazarski or Vistula.

Neither. You should attend a real Polish university, not one that is only a "higher school".
kpc21 1 | 763
29 Apr 2016 #53
Never heard of.

"Higher school" is nothing bad. But a degree of a public higher school is worth more than one of a private one (the opinion is that in the private schools they don't want the students to study, but just to pay money), maybe with a few exceptions in the whole country.

Public "higher schools" (also "academies" and "polytechnics"), unless they are "higher vocational schools" from smaller towns, are equally good as universities (polytechnics have even full university rights and call themselves in English "Technical Universities" or "Universities of Technology"), they are just specialised in something. For example "Main School of Farming" in Warsaw (probably the name they use in English internationally is different, I translate the Polish name literally) is a very good higher school, just specialised in fields connected with agriculture and food production.

Actually, they also have university rights and the name they use in English contains the word "university". The Polish name is kept due to the tradition.
13 Jul 2016 #54

Vistula University Warsaw is a better option in Poland. Because you will get dual degree from this University. London School of Economics cooperates with this
20 Mar 2019 #55

Getting Master's Degree in the sphere of Tourism and Recreation in Vistula uni

Hello all! I am planning to do my master's degree in Vistula school.
Wanted to know whether the students after post-graduate education of Vistula uni could get jobs in Poland according to my future specialization "organization and management in the hotel and restaurant business"?

Thank you for your answers.
ashwin12 1 | 6
27 May 2019 #56

Applied for Vistula Universtiy for masters (computer science) - reviews needed

Hi To Everyone Here

Thanks for reading this post

This post is about getting more reviews from you guys

Your suggestions matters to me . So please make sure you comment only if you have studied in vistula Universty

Indian Friends Please Mention that you are from india because i m indian too

and i have applied for masters in computer science and how much time do they take to give admission letter

For more any suggestions kindly leave a email to me at ashwanidwivedi646@gmail
23 Oct 2019 #57
helllo. i also decide to study master degree in finance and accounting in vistula university. what would you say do you like this univerwsity?

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