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Study In Poland For MBA-Hospitality Management

studyinpoland 1 | -
21 Jun 2016 #1
I am and Indian and want to know whether Poland is good option for studying Hospitality Management.
Which Universities would you suggest?
How is the cost of living?
From India, one of agent is offering me Poland universities studying for yearly 6-7 lakhs per year. This includes accommodation and fees. But I am not sure whether this is really a good deal or fake.

This is the cheapest country they are offering me for my MBA studies, US is costing me 16-18 lakhs pa.

Any students in the forum from India (Mumbai) who can guide me.
Please reply.
24 Jun 2016 #2
Every country is equally goog for their studys but it depends on you that how good student you are? There are so many Universities in Poland and you can also find world ranked varsity too.Their Study cost per year is lost, so that is good for you.

Where in UK it's almost 2 time or could be 3 time costly than Poland.
And Ha, Moreover, It doesn't meas their study or education system is cheap! IF you think so than it will be your Fault.
Looker - | 1,122
25 Jun 2016 #3
Here are the schools which offer Master in Hospitality Management in Poland: - SGH in Warsaw - Vistula University - Warsaw - Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
School of Graduate Studies in Hospitality Management and Tourism in Czestochowa - University of Wroclaw

You may check some opinions about these universities on PF pages - use search field.
SGH and Vistula seems to be a bit more reputable schools, but the living in Warsaw may be more expensive.
So it's not easy decision overall.
terri 1 | 1,664
25 Jun 2016 #4
Just for clarification:
Are these studies offered in English or Polish? I assume that if they are offered in Polish, that the original poster has evidence that he is fully conversant with the Polish language.

Also it is a good idea to DOUBLE CHECK on the University page how much the courses cost, as it is one thing 'saying' something from the other side of the world and quite another to then find yourself in Poland without any FUNDS.
Looker - | 1,122
25 Jun 2016 #5
Yes, these schools I mentioned above provide MBA studies in English language. And of course it's worth to compare the tuition costs in those places.
14 Dec 2017 #6
What will be estimated amount or capital to be shown for aquiring visa for MBA studies in poland for an indian.?

And what are the chances of getting admission in Kozminski Uni And Uni of LODz

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