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Martial Arts clubs in Poland?

JohnMc 1 | 2
10 Feb 2018 #1
Hi. I am looking to study in Poland. I am also into Martial Arts [Green Belt w. Brown Stripe in Kyokushin, Yellow Belt in Oyama Karate IKF, Green Belt in Judo] so I would like to continue martial arts training outside of University. What kind of Martial arts cubs are available in Poland [I'm presently applying for schools in the Krakow,Warsaw and Jelenia Gora areas]

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
O WELL 1 | 156
10 Feb 2018 #2
Quick google search got me this in warsaw:Akademia Yiquan
Try uncle google .
Sparks11 - | 333
10 Feb 2018 #3
loads in warsaw. Nastula's club in Warsaw Bemowo is good for Judo.
OP JohnMc 1 | 2
10 Feb 2018 #4
Thanks Sparks11.

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