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Foreigners in Poland during Martial Law

2 Jun 2013 /  #1
An interesting question :

Does anyone know what happened to foreigners in Poland after the start of Martial Law in December 1981? I know that many journalists had their visas revoked, but what about others? There's such precious little information on the subject.
2 Jun 2013 /  #2
Does anyone know what happened to foreigners in Poland a

Have no clue.
Probably nothing much.
2 Jun 2013 /  #3
They had to leave quickly. Most of them anyway...
OP delphiandomine  
2 Jun 2013 /  #4
That was my understanding. I know that many journalists were summoned to the authorities and were told to leave. Certainly by reading the newspapers of the time, it's clear that they were heavily relying on second/third hand reports.
2 Jun 2013 /  #5
I worked in Poland during martial law years - based in Wloclawek.

Travel restrictions imposed, but continued our business. Only when visiting Gdansk did I see evidence of the problems
OP delphiandomine  
2 Jun 2013 /  #6
Did you get any special treatment as a foreigner (like extra scrutiny), or were you just subject to the same restrictions as everyone else?
3 Jun 2013 /  #7
Not so you would notice - but sure they were there. Additional visa restrictions were imposed and travel restrictions within Poland itself (permission and travel document required).

When I traveled into Germany on business took me 4 days to sort the paperwork. We had it much better than the locals obviously!
3 Jun 2013 /  #8
I have a friend who arrived in Poland shortly before Martial Law and who stayed throughout (working as a teacher).

They travelled quite frequentlyin and outside Poland thru an ingenious method I'm not at liberty to disclose...

They also couldn't conduct a 90 minute lesson because 40 minutes into it all the students were jonesing for cigarettes so bad they couldn't pay attention....

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