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Polish Language Programs in Poland

kolechowicz 3 | 4
25 May 2012 #1
Hi there - I am looking to study Polish in Poland sometime in the next year or two. I already have a degree so this does not need to be college credit material.

I'm looking to stay for about a month. What programs do you recommend?

Any suggestions are appreciated!

olito 6 | 53
25 May 2012 #2
I attended the Summer School at UMCS Lublin in 2009, it takes 1 month and includes language, culture, music and even some field trips. And it is cheap!
patrick 6 | 113
26 May 2012 #3
I've studied twice in this one during the summer. It was easy to go to class, but tough to do any work at home because my classmates and I hung out at the beautiful beaches in Sopot the rest of the day. I would recommend it, but be careful of the accommodation they put you in. I was lucky and stayed in a house with this very sweet older lady, but some people were in these awful concrete housing blocks. Try to swing a combination of a home that is in or close to Sopot. I stayed in Gdansk Oliwa, which was just two or three stops on the local commuter train.


Oops I forgot to post the link.

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