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Graduate English programs in Poland

15 Mar 2015 /  #1
Can anyone give me some credible information on these programs? I'm considering
an MS in finance in english at Poznan University of Economics. Are people getting
jobs from these programs? Anyone know someone that did a similar program?
15 Mar 2015 /  #2
MS in finance in english at Poznan University of Economics

You have a BS in mathematics, so why are you studying generic finance instead of taking advantage of your math background to study something more math intensive and salable on the job market like financial engineering, econometrics or actuarial science? Your job prospects, lifetime earnings potential and lifetime savings potential would be MUCH, MUCH better with degrees in those subjects than in generic finance, in which there is a glut of graduates. A degree in these subjects from a excellent school with an excellent reputation would well be worth the price. Schools like LSE, Imperial College or Warwick in the UK, or any of the top math/engineering schools in the US like the ones on these lists:

Generally, programs in English in Poland are not considered rigorous and do not carry much weight with employers. Actually, the MAIN reason you are going to university is to make useful contacts that will help you in your future career. Your chances of doing that will be astronomically higher at any of the universities on the lists above than at any Polish university, especially since you do not speak Polish.

Frankly, studying in Poland to "save money" would be the costliest mistake you could ever make. Always make decisions based on your lifetime savings potential, not the cost of tuition.
OP LoneWolf1  
16 Mar 2015 /  #3
I am not pursuing pure mathematics, because I dropped out of a PhD program in math. Actuarial -
those are exams independent of school.

I've been working a crap accounting job, so I thought finance would get me out of this job and
toward a more interesting career. I would focus on investments.

Every thread seems to suggest the Polish -english masters programs are not worth it. I'm just
wondering if anyone here has gotten a job after one, and/or if they actually went through the program.

I should mention I would not be paying for it either. Is it really a 'stain' on my resume?
16 Mar 2015 /  #4
I thought finance would get me out of this job and toward a more interesting career. I would focus on investments.

That's going to be a lot easier to do with a degree in a heavy-duty math-intensive field like financial engineering, financial mathematics or econometrics, or if you prepare for and take the actuarial exams, brutal though they are, than with a non-math or low math degree in generic finance. All of those fields are applied math, not pure math.

You are fortunate enough to already have under your belt some serious math, and it would be a big mistake not to use it.
OP LoneWolf1  
18 Mar 2015 /  #5
I get your point, but at this point I'm only interested in an MS in Finance or MBA. Actuarial exams and CPA exams are always available to take.

Hypothetically, if I don't get into anything other than a Polish University english program, is there no value at all going
to this program? No prospects in Poland? Why would anyone go there then?

Anyone else?
19 Mar 2015 /  #6
No prospects in Poland? Why would anyone go there then?

Because 3rd world countries became suddenly 1st world countries and have enough money to pay for western education. Just not every parent has enough to pay for American or British studies and they think that Polish diploma is somehow similar, just cheaper. Because Poland is in EU, neighbor of Germany, so it must be similar. Foreign Europeans and Americans are studying medicine only. It's regulated profession and everybody with Polish diploma + state exam has guaranteed job in EU. Ukrainians are exception, because they actually can improve their condition by studying in Poland. Salaries here are higher and they can easily learn the language thus have chance on job market.

But in the end Poland has the smallest number of foreign students per capita in EU, so it's not a special case.

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