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Help me In Finding Graphic Design School in Poland

Shawn6969 1 | -
11 Apr 2017 #1
Hello Folks!

I'm from Asia and i'v been looking for Graphic Design School in Poland for BA Program. So far i only found Warsaw School

of Photography and Graphic Design. The only problem with this school is it little expensive as the annual tuition is 5300 euros. i contacted them after seeing an ad on some site who mentioned their annual fee 4300 Euro and it would've been better. Anyway in email i found it's 5300 euros.

i know i can ask them for scholarships and according to some site, scholarships are available for academic. However I'm looking to find some other School/Academy for Graphic Design in Poland for undergraduate courses.

Any Help from Local Polish would be appreciated.
Atch 20 | 4,148
11 Apr 2017 #2
Hi Shawn. I would suggest that you take a look at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. You can take your studies in English there. They have an excellent reputation. They don't offer a pure graphic design option but they offer a Bachelors in New Media Arts which is art with an IT/Computer element including programming in partnership with the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. It looks very interesting and to be honest is possibly a better choice for your long term employment prospects, than a classic graphic arts with photography option. You can always continue photography in your free time (plus they mention 'camera work' as part of the course), keep building your portfolio and perhaps consider a post-graduate qualification in it. The fees at the Japanese Academy are ten monthly installments of 1280 zl which works out at around 3,500 euros and theres a 1000zl admission fee which is about 250 euros.

Best of luck with it. Really hope everything works out for you :))
19 Jun 2017 #3

Bachelor studies - graphic design

Hi! I would like to enrol in a university in Poland this year, I am interested in graphic design/animation and things related to it. I would prefer to study in English but also considering studying in Polish. Would be super grateful for any suggestions,opinions, especially if based on personal experience. Currently I found SAN, PJATK,CDV and ULS to be the most suitable and affordable options. Any comments about those are very welcomed.

Thanks in advance!

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