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3 Jul 2010 /  #1
I am expecting to travel to Warsaw in October for my Post-graduate degree. I have been working here in Nigeria since 2006 as a Web Designer. How possible is it for someone to get such job in Warsaw or anywhere in Poland, and what would be the expected monthly salary?
delphiandomine 86 | 17823  
3 Jul 2010 /  #2
You haven't got a chance. Don't even bother thinking about it - no-one is going to hire a non-Polish speaking web designer when there's plenty of Polish web designers out there looking for employment.
sparticus - | 1  
5 Apr 2013 /  #3
Merged: Graphic design/Html/wages...ect in Poland..Im looking to hire.

Only my 2nd post here, so forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong section.

My story.
Ive been working in freelance graphic design for about 6 years now.
Last year I made contact with a girl from gumtree as I have far too much demand for my services and not enough man hours.

She has performed beyond the call of duty. I am VERY proud to have her on my team.
I pay her 1800 euros a month as an independant freelancer. Her hours ...I expect 36 a week.
She is also granted 3 weeks paid holiday yearly.
She is based in krakow (why this is important will be explained later)
Her skills.

Question. Is this a fair wage? She is happy .. im happy. But is it a fair and reasonable wage???

Next question.

Im looking to expand again.
Again I want to find an independant freelancer (they pay their own tax and Zus..)
I need to find somebody who can do all my PSD 'slicing'. So they will need good HTML and Css skills. Not graphic design skills as such.

And id like this person to be based in the same town as my other i do want to open a physical office at some point.

What would be a acceptable wage for this skillset? *And any leads to find this person would be beyond awesome.

Any help or replies.. I thank you sincerely
Monitor 13 | 1810  
7 Apr 2013 /  #4
I believe that you could easily find somebody in Poland to do same job for around 1100 eur. Don't you know or similar website? Of course it's not easy ti find reliable partner, so perhaps don't search for a new if you are happy with the current one.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6139  
7 Apr 2013 /  #5
But is it a fair and reasonable wage???

You could find somebody for significantly less but then you would probably have to forget about "performing beyond the call of duty" and so on, so I'm not sure If it's worth it.
Palivec - | 379  
7 Apr 2013 /  #6
I need to find somebody who can do all my PSD 'slicing'. So they will need good HTML and Css skills

I'm not based in Poland, but this doesn't sound very demanding. I mean, as far as I remember you don't even need good HTML and CSS skills for it, as Fireworks does this job for you. And even without Fireworks it isn't a big deal. I would definitely pay less than 1.000 Euro for such a simple job.
JFA - | 1  
7 Apr 2013 /  #7

I've been a graphic designer for 13 years and I know HTML and CSS. I live in Krakow and have been here for 2 years now. To be honest, i think 1800 Euro sounds fair because most companies pay very little for the amount of work you do and effort you put in. In the field the salary is between 2-4k gross,which is peanuts. I won't work for that. Having worked as a GD for 13 years and having all the skills and knowledge, i don't see why i need to get paid a 'junior salary'....

Anyway, you can reach me on email: jacusaucamp(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

Speak to you soon,


Monitor 13 | 1810  
7 Apr 2013 /  #8
You see. 500 - 1000 Euro is salary in Kraków. So for freelancing you should pay around double that and you see that you can expect to find somebody even for 1000 euro.
19 Aug 2017 /  #9
I am basically a Mechanical Engineer
I am doing this Graphic design as an Alternative income for the past one Year
I am moving onto Poland for my Post Graduate studies
Is there any availability For this graphic design jobs in poland??
Can anyone give suggestions
Please inbox me to my mail id aneeadee@gmail
Your suggestions and guidelines might help me thank you!:)
terri 1 | 1661  
19 Aug 2017 /  #10
You will not get any employment unless you speak Polish and have vast experience in the field.
kaprys 3 | 2101  
19 Aug 2017 /  #11
You may try to apply for a job in an Indian company in Poland if you don't know Polish. Or any other international business.

Once I met a guy from Chile working as an accountant for an Indian company in Poland.
He didn't speak Polish.
PatsonAgency - | 3  
23 Sep 2017 /  #12
Hello There

Do contact me if anybody needs my freelance web & graphics designing services.

Based in Poland.

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