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Need advice on MA programs in Poland

dutyfree 1 | 4
31 May 2011 #1
Hello all,

I need some information and advice about master's programs taught in English at the Jagiellonian University, University of Warsaw, and the University of Wroclaw. I have applied to the MA in International Relations programs at the University of Warsaw and the University of Wroclaw. I also applied to the MA in Transatlantic Studies at Jagiellonian University. I have already been accepted to Warsaw and Wroclaw, I am still waiting to find out if I will be accepted at UJ. Now I need to make a decision about which university/program to go to.

Can anyone please tell me about these universities and programs? How do they compare with each other or other universities in Poland? Has anyone studied in the particular programs I applied to?
delphiandomine 86 | 17920
31 May 2011 #2
The programmes are pretty poor by European standards, and won't offer a particularly good education.
Dominicus - | 23
31 May 2011 #3
I have to agree with Delphiandomine on this one. While all three schools are excellent, these English-language programs are for those who couldn't get into proper programs in their home countries, either for academic or financial reasons. The level of education is substandard, and the degree will be useless in helping you find a job in the real world.

Classes are generally divided into absurdly rich kids who really have no need for or interest in actually studying (often from Arabic countries), or pathetically poor kids who scrape by on noodles and potatoes (often from third-world countries), with a sprinkling of Amerians, Candians, Brits etc, both rich and poor.

It's better to take two years to reinforce your qualifications or earn some money in your home country and then apply to a serious program in your home country when you're ready. You'll be more likely to get financial aid, too.

As for quality of student life, Wrocław is tops (that's where I live; gorgeous city), Kraków s close second (gorgeous, too), and Warsaw a distant third (and ugly as hell). Unless you're POSITIVELY LOADED with cash, in which case it is the other way around. By Polish standards, the cost of living is very high in Wrocław, very, very high in Kraków, and just plain ridiculous in Warsaw. A studio appartment will cost you 1000 to 1200 PLN in Wrocław, 1300 to 1500 PLN in Kraków, and more than 2000 PLN in Warsaw (total with utilities). I pay a total of 1900 for a two bedroom apartment near the center of Wrocław.

Expect to spend 1000 PLN for groceries and food a month if you eat at home. Entertainment varies widely, depending what you like, but four beers in a student pub will set you back 20 to 30 PLN. A meal out will cost from 20 PLN rock bottom, maybe 15 in a decent student restaurant.

Bus/tram tickets will set you back about 80 PLN a month. Forget about getting a bike. Poland is NOT a bicycle-friendly country.

You'll also have to pay for health insurance (100 per month), cell phone (depends, but 50 PLN is minimum, and internet (varies widely- I pay 75 PLN).

Prices in Warsaw are higher, of course.

You'll live comfortable but basic with a total budget of 2500 in Wrocław, and at least 3300 in Warsaw. Otherwise, you will have to live frugally, because not knowing the language and culture, you won't be able to economize like native Polish students do.
mafketis 37 | 10935
31 May 2011 #4
because not knowing the language and culture, you won't be able to economize like native Polish students do.

And won't have the support structures that Poles use to economize either....

Polish universities in Polish can be very good, in English? Not so much.
Adrian_pl - | 4
31 May 2011 #5
I was planning to attend SGH in Warsaw and heard it was a great school - in Poland and Europe.

I live in Canada (but born in Poland) and have my Bachelors (Honours) in Econ and wanted to try something new, ie. live in Poland. From what I have heard, it looks to me like a great school so I applied.
Dominicus - | 23
31 May 2011 #6
@Mafketis: Yes, all three universites are good. Just these programs are not. And having a support network of family, friends and "contacts" can help you save a lot of cash and trouble. And don't forget that Poles aren't as pampered as Westerners. It takes a while to adjust to local prices.
1 Jun 2011 #7
I went to the European Studies program at UJ and was really impressed by it. The academic structure is much different from that of the States but my professors were excellent, many of my classmates were top notch, and learning and operating in a different culture was a great opportunity for me. I'm starting a PhD at a top university in the fall and feel very prepared to succeed in the program.
OP dutyfree 1 | 4
2 Jun 2011 #8
Thank you to everyone who has shared their knowledge or opinions regarding these universities and programs. Out of curiosity, I would be interested to learn how everyone has come by their knowledge of the universities and the programs I asked about.

@dynia: would you recommend the program you had to other prospective students from the US?
Adrian_pl - | 4
2 Jun 2011 #9
Hey dutyfree, if you're on Facebook, check out the schools group/page.

When I was looking for info about SGH - The Warsaw School of Economics (Master's in IB), I found a group and asked some questions about it. A lot of the people were really friendly and informative.
OP dutyfree 1 | 4
4 Jun 2011 #10
if you're on Facebook, check out the schools group/page.

Thanks for the tip!
SRK85 - | 72
1 Jul 2011 #11
I would have to agree with what has been already said. I went to UJ for my masters but the level of education was not as high as Britain or America. Of course that was for programs in English. Now programs offered in Polish will probably be better. The transatlantic studies program seemed well however I heard negative things about it. University of Warsaw is the top rated Polish university but their English language programs are lacking and the classes are at night. I would also look into Collgieum Civitas many of ex-Polish politicians teach there.
12 Aug 2018 #12

Higher national diploma graduation in Poland

Is there any program in poland so that i can complete my Higher national diploma graduation?
terri 1 | 1661
12 Aug 2018 #13
You do not say where you are from, what subject you wish to study, who will be paying for your education and whether you speak Polish up to University standard. Without that it is very difficult to offer any advice.

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