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Information about Zespol Szkol - in northwest Warsaw school - I'm Chinese

Sharon Yang
26 Jul 2014 #1
Hello, everyone! I'm Chinese and is going to Warsaw to teach in Zespol Szkol School, which lies in the northwest Warsaw. I searched it in the web, but could't find much accurate information about this school. such as whether it is a public or private school, it is a primary or middle school, the age of the students, the number of classes,etc. What I want to know in particular is whether there has been Chinese courses opening in this school before. Are there many schools giving Chinese courses in Warsaw? I mean in primary or middle schools, not in universities. Anyone would provide me with some information, you can answer here or contact by QQ:280699591 We are used to using this. Thank you so much!
Marysienka 1 | 195
26 Jul 2014 #2
While I know nothing about Warsow and it's schools I can tell you gave too little information as Zespół Szkół means sth like a group of schools, and there is one in every bigger village so I can guess in Warsaw there are many.
jon357 69 | 18,445
26 Jul 2014 #3
Zespol Szkol

Do you know which Zespół Szkół it is? There should be some more details, maybe a number.

I can guess in Warsaw there are many

Yes, there are lots.

northwest Warsaw

A nice place.
OP Sharon Yang
31 Jul 2014 #4
Thank you so much! I think i'll take your advice and inquire my supervisor for more details about this school.

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