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Eastern European Studies internship/ job

clifborder4fm 20 | 35
22 Nov 2010 #1
I'm getting a eastern euro studies degree at my university soon and was wondering if anyone knew what I could do with that as far as internships go. It would be great if I could get an internship in Poland next summer but unfortunatley my Polish is limited. I studied in Krakow before and can communicate pretty well but not good enough for business. Any ideas would be great thank you!
Bolle 1 | 147
22 Nov 2010 #2
eastern euro studies degree

Polish is limited

not good enough for business

I think teaching English may be your only options in Poland in terms of job opportunities.
OP clifborder4fm 20 | 35
22 Nov 2010 #3
guess I'll going for a biology degree then haha
jwojcie 2 | 763
22 Nov 2010 #4
Well, if you were good at your studies you can try to apply to them:

It is a Polish Think-Thank wich mission is to monitor CEE issues. I don't see any hiring gate on their site. But who knows maybe they don't mind some apprentice. The question is would they pay, because they are state funded ... :-) Anyway, I suppose there is a lot knowledge there to gain and maybe they would like some external point of view. So why don't you just email them?
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
23 Nov 2010 #5
Jobs are down ... and its not only for the foreigner but for Poles aswell. I feel bad to say it myself, but the economy doesn't seem to be doing well when it comes to the ordinary people.

Come to Poland and try to open a business here =) ... create jobs!
Chicago Pollock 7 | 504
23 Nov 2010 #6
Good advice no matter where you are. Instead of looking/finding job, why don't you create a job?
southern 75 | 7,096
23 Nov 2010 #7
For Poland your qualifications are irrelevant.You need a central euro study degree.
Richfilth 6 | 415
28 Sep 2011 #8
Many of the big companies exploit, sorry, employ interns. Just run your eye down the companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and if you've heard of them, send a letter to their HR manager.

Internship isn't a big thing over here, and the interns in my firm only last a month, not a year, and they have no pay or perks of ANY kind except free use of the coffee machine. I'm not quite sure what you hope to achieve with an internship, but persistence and ingenuity will find you a position somewhere.

What you're going to use to pay your exorbitant living expenses while you're here is a completely different matter, as is what you plan to put on your visa application.
PWEI 3 | 612
28 Sep 2011 #9
Based on 15 years of living and working in Warsaw, I would have suggested trying one of the major property firms here, some of them use English as a working language and thus have staff who don't speak Polish; however, the last time I made that recommendation the post was moved to off-topic, so perhaps the mods here know far more about the companies which I work with on a daily basis. Probably best if you listen to them and consider any recommendation to contact the major property firms here as being so useless as to be off-topic.
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
29 Sep 2011 #10
I think that it should not be a problem to find an intership in Poland as an American student for instance in Hotels (Krakow, Warsaw) .You could either send your CV and resume to Hotel Groups in the US such as Radisson,Sheraton,Starwwood hotels etc or directly at the hotels in Poland .

Be aware that there is a big competition among students for those interships because in many european countries students have to do a 1 year intership as part of their studies ( 1 year abroad after a 2 years studying Business).

Basically they get "free workers" who on top are young and hard working so there should be plenty of opportunities .

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