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Polish and Eastern European Name mutilation

elkrupski 3 | 15  
10 Jan 2010 /  #1
I found a pretty good read on Eastern European names in my search for clarification of " Dz " and -owicz ( i was looking for anything on Dzmitkowicz)

Mutilation : The history of Eastern European names in America ( or something akin to that!:)
caprice49 4 | 224  
11 Jan 2010 /  #2
anything on Dzmitkowicz

It's more likely to be Dmitrowicz or Dmitkowicz. Have you any document supporting the spelling?
asik 2 | 220  
11 Jan 2010 /  #3
it's the name you should to look at...!!!
Have a nice day!!
My mum says no-one needs people pretending to be a...friend!

PS why on PF we cannot write what we think??????
Polonius3 980 | 12277  
11 Jan 2010 /  #4
D-MITKOWICZ: patronymic nick 'son of Dmitr'i (a popular name in eastern Slavdom). This name has a great many different forms has generated numerous derivatives (diminutives, patronymic nicks). Dźmitkowicz would have been derived from one of the many hypocoristic (endearing pet) forms of Dmitri -- Dźmitko. The palatalised dź suggests that the name had been filtered through Polish.
OP elkrupski 3 | 15  
12 Jan 2010 /  #5
Thank you! Alot of people have told me that this name was just not linguistically possible with the polish language. Dzmitrowicz, Dymitrowicz yes least I know that there is even the slightest possibility that Dzmitkowicz is possible :) ahhh....the taste of hope!

Caprice49. It is the name on a Verified Transcript from the Register of Births for my grandfather. Annie Dzmitkowicz Krupski. Although it still could be misspelled. With my luck it is.
caprice49 4 | 224  
12 Jan 2010 /  #6
Caprice49. It is the name on a Verified Transcript from the Register of Births for my grandfather

Hmm.. Maybe Polonius is right. But can't find anyone in Poland with that surname.
OP elkrupski 3 | 15  
12 Jan 2010 /  #7
I have a theory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a lower case "k" in cursive can very well be mistaken with a lower case "r". In all actuality it could be just Dzmitrowicz, of which there are plenty in the North East US. The slash on the ' t ' could have just been a wee bit too flourished and made the ' r ' look like a ' k '......:z

Or am I getting too complex? :o)

Anyway, I am hoping to get in touch with a long lost aunt who would know more about it all than any other. I hear my grandfather was a mean bugger and didn't talk about his parents.

The original birth was probably signed by hand by my great grandma in cursive of course.
Her name was probably Dzmitrowicz OR Dymitrowicz. The person typing the transcrpit in 1936 from the original probably changed it to Dzmitkowicz, thinking the ' r' was a lower case ' k ' and maybe or maybe not interchanging the Z and Y as both in cursive can be mistaken.

Alrighty then.
It is funny how things sometimes are simpler than we make them out to be. :) I shall feel dumb for 24 seconds and move on!
Thank you all again for your suggegstions.
I will try to be a big girl and take it from here :p

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