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How to sell residential land 40 km from Warsaw?

isk789 1 | -
9 Feb 2012 #1
Any ideas how to sell 4,200 sq m. land for investment with permission for residential development and services.
The site is located in a quiet residential area, 40 km from Central Warsaw, 20 km from the new airport at Modlin and close to the 18-hole golf course at Lisia Palana.
pip 10 | 1,659
10 Feb 2012 #2
put a sign up, list it with a broker, put it on different than any other part of the world.
Wedle 16 | 496
10 Feb 2012 #3
The golf course is called 'Lisia Polana' being close to Modlin is not a good sales point, the price of land/property will be going down in this area. Unless you have a solid USP such as full view of the Wisla, it is going to be difficult to move. The size of your plot is small for the area, unless you are directly on the Gdansk road then it cold be interesting as commercial land.

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