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Prices of apartment in central Krakow

true blue
12 Oct 2015 #1
Hi folks, interested in buying a flat/unit/apartment close to old town Krakow, approx 55-60 sq metres, any ideas of prices and or good real estate companies that I may be able to contact, (I understand that this is a common question, but prices seem to change from month to month)

thanks in advance
terri 1 | 1,663
12 Oct 2015 #2
Depends on your definition of close - if within 2 minutes from Rynek prices start at 12,000pln and go up to 15,000pln per sq. metre. Walking distance of 10 minutes you may be able to buy something at 8,000pln to 10,000pln per sq. metre. Get a good street map, find the streets, then search the web. Try gumtree krakow for general idea of how much flats are selling at in the area.

Estate agents charge between 3 to 4% of the selling price which you have to pay. For a general guide add 10% to the cost of a flat, the rest is notary and taxes.
18 Nov 2015 #3
I can't recommend any good real estate agents. I have dealt with many here in Krakow and they are generally absolutely useless with very low levels of customer service or salesmanship.

They will always try to force you to sign a commission agreement when you first view the flat. If you refuse they will become very difficult and often will not show you the property.

Commission is by standard 3% but most agencies will instantly drop this to 2% if you haggle a bit.

Tax is 2% plus your lawyers costs so you are looking at about 5% closing costs.

Prices are for sure negotiable, and as you will find out with experience many sellers are super firm and difficult to negotiate. On the flip side, the market here is super slow (with many overpriced properties) which take 6months - to a year or even more to sell. Haggle aggressively - your promise of fast foreign cash will do wonders for motivated sellers.

It is true that 'bezposrednio' direct deals with the owner are possible, but for sure most listings are via agency. Just walking around 'the rynek' and kazimierz area you will see a lot of Technocasa offices, and they do indeed have a lot of listings.

To show you the level of incompetence :) I recently called for a 1million zlotych listing. The agent whose listing it was, with her photo on it and phone number - honestly had no clue about the property. After I described it to her, she had to check and call me back.

Shocking levels of poor customer service and salesmanship await you, but believe me these rats will want their commissions ;)

Other things to consider like any condo purchase - is what is the state of the general building and common areas? How much are condo fees (and will they increase for any collective renos like roof, elevation etc)? How is the flat heated? Is it near a tram line? (avoid!! unless you like your teeth and china rattled)

Good luck!

p.s. feel free to post any further questions in this thread. I know more about krakow real estate than most 'punters' and can help you further ;)


The Donald
Agavi - | 2
23 Dec 2015 #4
Krakow is so much expensive place to live ;) few of my friend told me that the prices are the same like in Warsaw ;) I think that you have to go to estate agency and looking for something interesting. Before you choose something you can rent a room, I can offer really good looking rooms and apartments for rent in centre of Krakow
Cardno85 31 | 976
23 Dec 2015 #5
Kraków is expensive, there is no doubt about that. But also, staying in the centre of any European (or World) city is going to be very expensive. In Kraków they have an excellent public transport system with a number of lines running through the night. There is really no reason to be staying right in the centre. Look instead for areas along major public transport routes. Will save you a bomb going forward.
mcrpolak 6 | 36
22 Feb 2016 #6
Merged: Wislane Tarasy Krakow

has anyone managed to negotiate a discount in this building on the apartment price?

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