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Where to sell a land in Poland,100Ha, with all the permissions to build?

Ewa 1 | 1
25 Feb 2010 #1
Pls.can anybady knows where to sell fast a great land in Poland?I I am not afreid to pay the 3% of commission.Maby I will show you all the offer and I hope sb.will give me some idea.I am a resident of Spain so forgive me my bed english:-))

My offer involves the sale of 100 hectares of land with a valid area development plan, to be used for housing and recreational investments. The site is not built up, located in a picturesque area of the cadastral district of Marianowo, a village in the Zachodniopomorskie Province . A 3-kilometre-long part of it lies along the shore of Lake Marianowskie (its total area amounting to 80 hectares), while the other is surrounded by pine forests. International environment and unquestionable assets of the Polish north-western seashore, harbours, and the airport provide a chance of developing a market for tourist services comparable with those in other countries of the Baltic region. The future investor will be eligible to apply for a financial support of the EU, whose operational programmes may cover up to 50% of the investment value.

On the one hand, investors can expect a high standard of the investment area, which is ready for investments (settled legal status of the property, housing and recreational land purpose, excluded from agricultural production, all services reaching the land plot), and on the other – friendly social climate stemming from the positive attitude of the local authorities and the community to foreign investments.

greatings for all.
Varsovian 92 | 634
27 Feb 2010 #2
Can you give some idea of the price?

i.e. "offers in the region of PLN / EUR XXX,YYY,ZZZ"
OP Ewa 1 | 1
27 Feb 2010 #3
about 4 Euros/m2 including 3% comission for the intermediary.
Krakman 4 | 58
28 Feb 2010 #4
I could probably stretch to 4 Euro/Ha, subject to viewing of course.....Message me if interested....
bolek 6 | 330
28 Feb 2010 #5
lets not beat around the bush, what is the asking price of the property?
aligator_s - | 77
28 Feb 2010 #6
she is looking for four million euros
bolek 6 | 330
28 Feb 2010 #7
get your hand off it, did she come down in the last shower?
Krakman 4 | 58
28 Feb 2010 #8
My offer is still 'aktualna'...The finance is all in place. Just waiting for the green light from Ewa, so to speak.
10 Apr 2010 #9

Selling apartment in Warsaw - puzzeller buy one, two, or?

im selling in poland ,i shall have ok 350,000 pln, now! do i buy one apartment in warsaw for 450,000 with a little kredyt or buy two with more kredyt ,maybe 1at 400,000 and 1 at 300,000. i rent in london one bedroom flat 625+council tax ,maybe buy in london suburbs but im strongly drawen to warsaw. ??????? confused please help

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