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Realistic pricing on estate websites in Poland?

23 Nov 2016 #1
hello, I hope someone can shed light on this.

I've been looking over lots of sites with houses on sale in the Lubuskie region- rather isolated, small towns-, and I was surprised to see there is nothing to be found under a price of 500k zł or so.

(There are a few a bit cheaper, but those are pretty much just small sheds looking like they might break down any second)

is this pricing "normal", maybe because Lubuskie is considered a great holiday-resort-like region, similar to the Baltic sea resorts?
Should I consider moving to another region if I can't afford such pricing?
Or can I try to haggle with the sellers? :P
pibyk - | 3
23 Nov 2016 #2
Well, first of all those are asking prices and you should consider them as indicative. It is common to publish offers with inflated prices. Sometimes the difference between what is being asked and what is being actually paid is significant. Be also aware that the same property may be listed by few (or even many) different real estate agents. If you really want to buy something you should shop around and try to find somebody locally to look for best offers. Contacting local estate agents may be a good idea.

BTW - I have checked one of the biggest sites and there are offers well below 500 k:
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,095
24 Nov 2016 #3
Lubuskie is close to Gemany and far from Mother Russia ;) What you expect if a flat in Olsztyn cost 220k and small piece of land 150k. People tend to rise value of homes trough refurbishing hoping to take more money.

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