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Land and farm purchase - Is half a hectare (5000m2) the limit in Poland?

Hellboy15 1 | 11
9 Aug 2015 #1
Does anyone have a clear source of Intel on the amount of land an eu can buy with property.I am looking at some properties that come with shocking amounts of land but as I understand it half a hectare 5000m2 is the limit? None agricultural for business use.
Looker - | 1,134
10 Aug 2015 #2
If it's not an agricultural or forest land then such limit doesn't apply (a foreigner needs permission from the Minister of Internal Affairs in Poland if such land exceeds 1 ha)

I don't see similar limits in the case of residential land purchase.
OP Hellboy15 1 | 11
10 Aug 2015 #3
Thanks looker.
Some residential land is 4-5000m2 .if you were to use the land for business purposes would you have to get a change of use permit or can you do as you please?
Looker - | 1,134
10 Aug 2015 #4
In Poland, the land is mainly divided into forest / agricultural and building land. Any investor who wants to build, must first apply for a decision establishing the type of land. If it's agricultural, the conversion for a building requires a permit and cost quite a big money.

Another issue is the type of property you want to build. If it's residential then you can later change the type for business purpose. According to the law, each change of use of a building should be notified to governor. But it's only when the whole building will be used for business and some employees will be employed. If it's an office type self-employment activity then such permit isn't needed. Everything depends on necessary changes in the building to adapt for the business purposes. I wrote about it in an another thread - please check:

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