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Neil63 6 | 57
9 Apr 2009 #1
Hi I am English and my girlfriend is Polish. We are travelling to Dubai in a few weeks time on holiday. I don't need to apply for a visa because I have a UK passport, but i'm getting different stories as to whether my Polish girlfriend will need a visa, despite Poland being in the EU. Does anyone have any experience ?
31 Jul 2009 #2
Hi, she will need a Tourist visa for Dubai. you can get it from a travel agent in Poland. or wherever you are residing at the moment.

It will be valid for 30 days max.. you wil have to get it from a travel agent or someone here residing in Dubai will have to sponsor her.

Easiest way is through the agent .
6 Apr 2010 #3
Hi I'm polish and I'm going to Dubai in July, my agent from Thomson told me I have to apply by my own for tourist visa, is it true? I think paying them so much money they should dael with that for us? Please help!!!!!!!!!!
love_sunil80 14 | 127
6 Apr 2010 #4
What kind of hlp do you need? I can guide you for visa to Dubai
OP Neil63 6 | 57
6 Jun 2010 #5
For what its worth I will give you my experience.

Although Poland is in the EU it can be subject to visa restrictions in Dubai. In the UK I can get a visa organized through the Hotel I was staying. Other than a small charge for issuing a visa there was no other cost. However my Polish GF only had a Polish passport and so I had to pay a hefty deposit with the Hotel, about £1 - £1.5k (from memory) which was refunded to me after we left the country. I had to provide proof by way of an exit stamp in her passport before I got my money back. The reason is that if someone enters Dubai and outstays their permitted time the Hotel which you are staying at is responsible and will incur a large fine. Having said that I believe different Hotels do operate slightly different polices, I guess depending on whether they have had a lot of guests stay longer than they should. It appears that Polish visitors were considered a higher risk of outstaying their permitted visit.
irishlodz 1 | 135
6 Jun 2010 #6
I and my Polish wife had this same problem last year. The best advice I can give you is simply not to go to the place.

I did not need a visa. We booked with Emirates via Dubai to Australia just to visit a friend in transit, We ended up going straight through on the way to/back from London, after an ordeal trying to get a tourist visa.

You must have a sponsor to get a visa for a Polish national. This can be a company, a hotel or a resident. A resident can apply for a visa on your behalf but will have to pay a deposit to ensure you leave the country. Most hotels want nothing to do with the applications as we experienced. My friend had to pay a few thousand of a deposit to get the visa himself and did not want to do as they are difficult to recover. Do not book a hotel until you have confirmed with them that they provide a visa service. We booked a hotel and discovered after that would not get involved in a visa application, but tried to refuse a cancellation.

By the way as you have a girlfriend and not a wife you are in a difficult position. Technically you cannot share a room in a hotel unless married. You could be imprisoned for it if caught. If you get in any trouble you have no rights to access to each other, unlike a husband. Trust me we could tell just from the airport women are very much second class citizens in Dubai. Couldn't believe some of it.

This is the official web site we used and explains visa options, far from straight forward.

This is just 1 example of their morality code. As a boyfriend you have no rights. These 2 kissed in a tourist hotel! I have read far worse stories than this about tourists being mistreated by local courts/law enforcement.
1 Aug 2010 #7
getting Dubai tourist visas has been much easiar than past , you can use this website to apply dubai visas i have used their service many time and they are a registered tour operator in Dubai. you can google gulf sun tours

salem1982 - | 1
9 Sep 2010 #8
Hi There,

here is a good company that provides Dubai visa to tourists and visitors od UAE and i have used them few times to issue visas for my relatives and friends dubaitouristvisaonline

13 Sep 2010 #9
We are going to Sri Lanka and on the way back we wanted to visit Dubai. I regred that I've booked Dubai with emirates. We are both polish but have been living in the Uk for the last 5 years and my husband was refused visa. I can't even say how dissapointed we are. We just wasted our time and money.(as we booked hotel as well ) We applied for 96h visa only. Iam waiting now for the reply from visa department-but to be honest I don't give a s.........anymore. I don't mind staying 2 night at Dubai airport, but we will never ever visit this country again. They already ruined my hoiliday which cost me 2000pounds and the only thing Iam happy about that I just booked it for two nights and it's on the way back from Sri Lanka so they will not ****** my holiday from start.I am really upset and we are leaving in the next 2 weeks. I wont recommend Dubai to anyone from Poland as it seems we are like second class people. It's just appaling !
13 Oct 2010 #10
There are not such problems for polish people in dubaj. When you have only holidays here, you can stay with your friend in a hotel together! because you are a turist only. If you are staying here and want to have residence visa then yes, you should be married. and as said the hotel is getting visa or travel agency.

that is really sorry that you had such problem. but it is not normal I think. Many people I know come here with Polish nationality and have no problems. I have a residence visa so it was different from the beginning. Maybe you can ask in the polish embassy here in Abu Dhabi and they can help you.

12 Jul 2011 #11
Hi There,

I had a similar issue and contacted a company called dubaivisaonline just google it and it will apear second or third
and applied the visa through them the service was good got the visa the next day and paid them through credit card they will need a color scanned copy of her passport and a photo by email. hope this was helpful

2 Aug 2011 #12
This is just 1 example of their morality code. As a boyfriend you have no rights. These 2 kissed in a tourist hotel! I have read far worse stories than this about tourists being mistreated by local courts/law enforcement.

It's just the law. At least they have laws and if we dont like them at least we dont have to go there. I live in the uae (I am a British woman)and I can see daily proof that their laws work. No teenage pregnancy, no drunkenness, no threatening behaviour in the streets, little theft, no lewd comments from men. If you can control yourself enough to not need to kiss in the streets (believe me, it's do-able), you will see the advantages of their society. If you want to act like animals, there is always the UK to have a holiday in :) Dont take the UAE on face value. It has a lot to offer.
teflcat 5 | 1,032
2 Aug 2011 #13
If you want to act like animals

What, like kissing?
13 Aug 2011 #14
hi dear if u want dubai visit visa i can arrange for u within 2 -3 working days,just mail me for detail on powerengg60@hotmail
12 Dec 2011 #15
hi, im polish n plan to visit dubai n then few days in india.
I heard that dubai visa will be invalid once leaving UAE, so now im wondering if while going back to poland - if i can legally go through dubai [as my plane will be leaving from dubai] to poland... What about my stay in dubai airport ? - do i need additional visa, like a "transit visa" ?? or what else should i know, when it comes to formalities related with such kind of travel (poland-dubai ->india-> dubai-poland) ???
sa11y 5 | 331
13 Dec 2011 #16
Primaverka - check with airlines, but I don't think you need visa to stay in transfer hall.
Otherwise, you can get transit visa (or two of them if you are intending to get out of the airport both times).
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
13 Dec 2011 #17
Primaverka - check with airlines, but I don't think you need visa to stay in transfer hall.

You definitely don't need one just for changing planes at Dubai Airport.
reggie_RanDukor - | 1
13 Dec 2011 #18
cześć Primaverka84

Hopefully i can help you out, I live in UAE and my fiance is also Polish, I am Indian (Goan) by origin. We both planned to visit Goa(India) to see my family and parents. Firstly she will visit me in Dubai and then we both planned to visit my home in Goa together. Polish nationals can get a Dubai visit visa from hotels or from any travel company in UAE or local sponsor. I already arranged her a 30 days tourist travel visa. Also i have booked her tickets. She is flying from POZ to DXB via Germany with lufthansa and then we both are flying from DXB to Goa India via air India.

The return flight i booked such way that she can fly with me until Dubai and i will stay in Dubai while she will transfer to Lufthansa flight which departs in 3 to 4 hrs to Poznan

Hence she doesn't need any visit or transit visa to come to Dubai as she wont leave the airport rather stay inside the airport and board Lufthansa via Transfer desk Boarding pass for Lufthansa in Dubai at the Transfer desk.

While She Checks in Goa(India) airport for Dubai (Departure) she would rather need to check in at the transfer counter indicating them she has a second Transfer flight in Dubai and get a transfer code with Boarding pass so that her luggage is routed from air India flight to Lufthansa flight automatically, If she doesn't do that her luggage would be out waiting for her on the belt on Dubai airport.:((( that's BAD

(Transit Visa(Formerly called 16days visit visa) or visit visa is needed on Dubai airport if the applicant plans to leave the airport to see Dubai (UAE) or in case the applicants flight is on the other airport in UAE or next terminal in any of the Emirates.)

Hence Please Note: when booking is done with two different airline(eg.POZ-DUBAI-GOA) you need to plan trip 3 to 4 hrs prior departure at transit terminal and also TRANSFER counter at the departure has to be informed about the second Connecting airline.

This way you could save until 50 percent prices for full trip which would be around 6000AED

Also its possible to book flights with Lufthansa with there partner airlines in one document ticket where they will specify routing(connecting) and its the easiest way but would cost you double the amount approx: 12000AED

If you have that much budget to spend you are most welcome to book as a single document with any travel agency.

Else to save your penny, you could book two different tickets from two different airline online with the above advice in mind. That would save you a lots.

It was pity that Lufthansa(Crooks) never gave me any information once i called them, They rather said call German embassy,about this and even air India never disclosed such info.

After many calls to Dnata customer service, visits to local travel agency and calls to Dubai immigration service along with confirmation with Dubai airport authorities i got this information above.

Hope this Post was really helpful for you.

Hope All this Information helps.

Hope you have an amazing trip:).

If any one needs any help always welcome.

Gorąco pozdrawiam
23 Jan 2012 #19

7 Feb 2012 #20
FAROUK TRAVELS is a world-leading authority on immigration – handling visa applications for both individuals and corporate clients to DUBAI. With a team of expert immigration consultants we take care of your entire visa application... contact us on farouk91m@yahoo
21 Feb 2012 #21
Hi I had problem with my visa too. I was organising my visa via etihad airline and I had 1 stop on the way in and 1 stop on the way back from london-bangok. Etihad issue visa for me for 50£ but doesn't let me know about this is visa just 1 entrance. So when I get to the aiport in London my visa was not ready I have to wait around 30 minutes they was calling to emigration office etc. I landed in abudhabi and ask staff in the aiport if my visa is ok I will be again in UAE on my way back they said yes is fine so I stayed in Thailand 3 weeks without thinking is sth wrong. Horror start when I landed in UAE they said my visa is invalid becouse it was just 1 entrance visa and I book expensive hotel plan my trip after trying to explain all situation nobody wants to help me from Arabic staff . They was extremely unpolite and treat me like a **** of sh****. I was waiting 9 hours in the aiport to speak with general manager from etihad and thanks god she was French and extremely polite she help me by putting me on the first available flight to London for free and it was the only one person with understand the situation. Arabic staff told me I have to pay 700£ for new ticket or stay 2 night in the aiport and pay for hotel and my expenses from my pocket. I will never go again to this country and I think attitude of this people is horrible!
25 Apr 2012 #22
if u UK citizen u also need visa for UAE
20 Jan 2013 #23
Hi There ,

I had similar issues bringing friends to Dubai before but I am dealing with a company in Dubai to issue me tourist visas and they have been a great help and visited their office couple of times and are reliable , gulf sun tours and phone is +97143376462 and they will definetly help you and you get the visa by email in couple of days

21 Mar 2013 #24

If you want hassle free Dubai Visa Processing... you probably want to visit as they arrange tourist visa for Polish nationals. They are one of the finest travel agencies in Dubai who arrange visa for Polish individual visa application and also supplier to many Polish Travel agents for Dubai entry visa.

Check them out at:

9 Dec 2013 #25
Great post, hope u had a a lovely transit in dubai!
9 Dec 2013 #26
I have a Polish wife an kids in Dubai..................she loves this city an country an forced me to come back from UK! You are getting hassled for the wrong reasons!
20 Feb 2014 #27
Witam, Hi Poles with Polish passports living in UK - if you travel to Dubai (or any UAE) with Emirates airline, the easiest way to arrange a visa is thru them. Once flight is booked and you have a booking ref. number then you can apply, on their website, for a visa (there is a link). You need a scanned - copy of passport, passport photo and proof of address. Cost is around £50. Everything is done online and takes a few days. If you are successful they send you the visa in email and you just print it off to take with your passport. Good luck to everyone!
19 May 2014 #28
IF you are holding a Polish Passport, you don't need to apply for VISA...My friends just visa from Poland a month ago. it was cancel from January 2014
jon357 67 | 16,655
19 May 2014 #29
You still need a visa, however it is given automatically on arrival. You get 30 days, however if you're just passing through or are on business for a few days, they just stamp your passport. This may not be the case if you stay longer in the UAE or they think you're working there without a residence visa.

By the way, the new(ish) daily Emirates flight WAW-DBX is usually half empty so there should be a few bargain tickets if you buy at the right time.

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