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Polish polka dance lessons in Amsterdam

remco82 1 | -    
28 Jul 2010  #1

A great friend of mine is having a relationship with a Polish woman. He loves her very much. He actually wants to impress her by knowing how to polka so he can surprise her with it. For his B-day we would like to take him to a place in Amsterdam where he can learn the basics of Polish Polka dancing.

Is there anyone that knows where in Amsterdam Polish Polka lessons are educated ?
Thanks a lot for your help!


jablko - | 106    
28 Jul 2010  #2

But polka aint polish dance! its czech
mvefa 5 | 594    
29 Jul 2010  #3

I have not heard of any studio teaching this dance, but you might wanna try some of the big dance schools, they might have some workshops or so...
plk123 8 | 4,169    
29 Jul 2010  #4

got youtube?
dysia - | 1    
10 Apr 2011  #5

still learn polonez or waltz to impress... polka is funny (for kids?)

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