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Poles in Hong Kong??

Trek75 1 | 2
25 Dec 2007 #1
Any Polish people in Hong Kong?? I'm here for a few months for work and it would be fun to meet some Polish people here.
starchild 2 | 120
25 Dec 2007 #2
Doesn't seem so at the mo... bump the thread up over the next couple of weeks because there's definitely quite a few people missing from the forum over this Christmas period!
likenlk - | 1
13 Mar 2008 #3
I'm a local Hong Kong student !
Do you know where can I learn Polish in HK ? It seems that there's no place to learn it ..

by the way , welcome to Hong Kong =]

Thread attached on merging:
Hello ! Any Polish now living in Hong Kong?

Any Polish people living in Hong Kong ?

also any polish teacher here ... ?
i_love_detroit 1 | 69
22 Oct 2008 #4
I am Polish, I am staying in Hong Kong untill May. Anyone else?
22 Oct 2008 #5
any poles in mainland china?as i known,there are poles everywhere and chinese everywhere,too.but poles r rarely seen in china and chinese r ralely seen in,what's wrong??
22 Dec 2008 #6
Greetings from Beijing. I am Polish
twojdupa - | 22
23 Dec 2008 #7
there are a few polish people in Shenzhen (across from HK) or there was this time last year.
19 Oct 2009 #8
I am heading to Hong Kong in november am living in Krakow now.. so if there are Polish in Hong Kong would be nice..

10 Feb 2010 #9
For any Polish either heading to Hong Kong or already here but with no contacts in the local Polish community, please go to the website. PolCham is a social, commercial and investment non for profit body for members.

The website has current events and contacts.

Best regards
klepackaa - | 1
30 Jul 2011 #10
Hi. Iam coming to Hong Kong for a Jewellery Show in September. I would love to meet some Polish people who live in Hong Kong, who will be able to tell me something about this city. \See you:)

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