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Moving to Poland from Israel. Shipping stuff ideas / company?

punto96 1 | -
20 Apr 2012 #1
i am married to polish girls, she is moving back to Poland,
i will go there in 6 months. we are living in Israel 2.5 years.
i would like to ship some of our staff to Poland, should she pay
something for the import? do you know good company that deals with shipping
from Israel? maybe polish one, in israel everything is expensive

thank you
Looker - | 1,134
14 Nov 2014 #2
do you know good company that deals with shipping from Israel?

Check UPS and DHL - both are working in Israel, Poland, and in most countries of the world yet I believe.

pay something for the import?

The property moved from a country outside the European Union is released from the duty when it fulfill appropriate conditions from the customs legislation. According to the regulation, released from the duty is only such personal property, which remained in possession and was used in the previous place of residence for the person who is moving, for at least 6 months from the date on which the person ceased to living in a third country. Moreover, the exemption is granted only to those who lived outside the EU for at least 12 months (with possible short trips eg. for tourism or business purposes). In addition, you can not get rid of the imported stuff for a year, to not expose yourself to the payment of duties.

In the reality it's not so easy sometimes to meet all the required conditions. Example from the Internet:

Our reader recently started to move from the US to Poland. She wanted to bring her furniture and other things which she gathered during her stay overseas. She presented to the customs office tenancy agreement and an employment contract, which according to her confirmed the several years permanent residence abroad. For the officials it was not enough. They demanded other evidences. All the visas confirming her continuity stay in the USA proved to be unsuitable. The documents, which after a few weeks of struggle have met the office, were invoices paid for energy and phone subscription.
Another of our readers, who carried out from England and wanted to keep his car - apart the proof of purchase and the registration document, he had to submit proof of vehicle insurance, bills from the car workshop and mandates issued to him for speeding.

So... good luck! Welcome back in Poland :)

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