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Do you know any Polish Language teachers in India?

2 Apr 2007 #1
Hi I'm Abdul from India and i've been to Poland thrice for business purpose and I immensely loved it. now i want to learn Polish. do u know any polish teachers in India? or the best school in Poland where i can learn Polish? also where is the free trade zone in Poland so that i can venture in any future businesses?


koticzku 1 | 13
9 Apr 2007 #2
If you are in New Delhi, then you can study Polish in Delhi University South Campus
salva - | 1
1 May 2008 #3
Hi Abdul
My name is Salva and I'm Polish.
If you're still interesting to learn polish, i'll be happy to help you!
Now, I'm in Kolkata, till July.

hope to meet you

tharshan - | 2
30 Aug 2009 #4
hi i am a Sri Lankan. now i stay in Poland. i like Poland and every thing. i want to learn Polish language. i know very little Polish language. please help me.

contact me tharshan_suthan@yahoo
8 Mar 2010 #5
My name is Justyna I'm Polish. I'm gonna stay in Delhi for few months, if You are still interested to learn Polish plz let me know

best regards
edziowe - | 1
11 May 2011 #6
Hi All,
I have a Polish school in London,
do you know if there is any market for learning Polish in New Delhi?
15 Jul 2011 #7
Hi Abdul

I am Md Firdos Alam from Delhi (India) I have done advance diploma in Polish language .

md Firdos Alam
25 Aug 2011 #8
Hello there my name is jyoti panchal from delhi.I have done advance diploma from Delhi university if someone is intrested to learn polish plz let me know.

Best regards
jyoti panchal
10 Mar 2012 #9
Hi,i want to learn Polish in Delhi

any one to contact for this

28 May 2013 #10
Hi am bidesh I want to learn polidh can you help me please give me your contact no is 9831393645...
korzkiew - | 1
5 Dec 2013 #11
Merged: Are there any Polish Language Tutors in Bangalore, India?

Hello there/Dzien Dobry :),

Through this Forum I have come across numerous information about Poland and its culture. I will be moving to Bangalore in South India from January 2014.

By any chance, if any Polish Language Tutor happens to be in Bangalore, it would be great to come into contacts because I would be keen on starting to learn Polish language as a 'Beginner'. In addition, since I can speak French and German as well, therefore, the tutor, if available in Bangalore, could also teach and explain in these 2 languages as well, besides, English.

And one more question please?

Being a fluent German speaker, would it be relatively easier for me to pick up Polish as well?

Many thanks in advance for your advice and help.

Do Widzenia...

Best Regards,

DominicB - | 2,709
5 Dec 2013 #12
Being a fluent German speaker, would it be relatively easier for me to pick up Polish as well?

Not at all. German is no more closely related to Polish than Kannada is. Same for French and English.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
5 Dec 2013 #13
If German is closer to Polish than Kannada to Polish, then answer is yes.
DominicB - | 2,709
5 Dec 2013 #14
Like I said, German is not more closely related to Polish than Kannada, Albanian. Armenian or Persian are, so the answer is no. Apart from all of the above being Indo-European languages, they all diverged many thousands of years ago.
18 Dec 2013 #15
Siema/ Hi,

I am Viraj, I am ready to teach you Polish language skills. please write me on bhosale.viraj@gmail

Wulkan - | 3,250
18 Dec 2013 #16
Not at all. German is no more closely related to Polish than Kannada is. Same for French and English.

German has a few thousands of words that Polish language borrowed to it's vocabulary, how many Kannada has?
DominicB - | 2,709
18 Dec 2013 #17
That doesn't mean that the languages are more closely related. English has a lot of words from French, Latin and Greek, and is no more closely related to any of those languages than to Polish or Kannada. A German speaker is not going to learn Polish any faster than a Kannada speaker will, a Pole will not learn German any faster than they can learn Kannada. And a Kannada speaker that knows German is not going to learn Polish any faster than a Kannada speaker who doesn't.
Wulkan - | 3,250
18 Dec 2013 #18
I have to disagree with that. I've been learning German and many words are easier to memorise because they sound simmilar in Polish, for example: English - bottle, German - flasche, Polish - flaszka
DominicB - | 2,709
18 Dec 2013 #19
Only a few words are helpful, certainly not "many", and many of the words that look similar have evolved different meanings in German and Polish. Many of them are hard to recognize, because they were borrowed not from the Hochdeutsch that you are learning, but from another variety of German called Hansa-Plattdeutsch, which, curiously, is a lot more closely related to English than to Hochdeutsch. Polish borrowings directly from Hochdeutsch are minimal.

As for your example, the English (and Plattdeutsch) equivalent is "flask". "Bottle" is not a native English word. It's borrowed from French.
karan_ahluwalia - | 1
17 Jun 2015 #20
Merged: Want to learn Polish language in New Delhi, India.

Hey could any body help me out where can I learn Polish in New Delhi?

Warm Regards

Karan Ahluwalia
ewakrawiel - | 2
14 Aug 2015 #21
Hi everyone!
It is great to see so many people willing to learn Polish language! I'm a professional Polish teacher and I teach mostly online. I have students from all over the world:) So let's save time on travelling and learn Polish while enjoying your favourite drink at home!:)

In case someone is interested, here is my email: ewakrawiel@gmail

I look forward to hearing from you:)

Kind regards/Pozdrawiam

PS. Knowing German is helpful when it comes to learning Polish, mostly because of presence of cases in both languages.
8 Dec 2015 #22
Hi ,
My name is Shadab , I want to learn Polish . I am from Bangalore. Kindly mail me at shadabmalick786@gmail
I am looking for a classroom training rather than online.

10 Feb 2016 #23
Howdy There,
I wanna learn polish in new Delhi (India).
It will be so great if someone can help me out. I got three months time to learn polish.

Best :)
Vaibhav Rathod
18 Feb 2016 #24
Hi my name is imran and i live in delhi i want to learn polish language if any one can teach me so please mail me my mail id - imranansari564@gmail
jon357 66 | 16,190
18 Feb 2016 #25

Try the offices of the Theosophical Society there in Delhi. There are some Polish people who have been there for decades and who may give lessons.
sankush - | 4
17 Apr 2016 #26
Merged: need to learn Polish in Bengaluru, India

I'll be visiting Poland in June and need to learn Polish before that.
Is there anyone in Bengaluru who could teach me?
Wulkan - | 3,250
17 Apr 2016 #27
You need to learn Polish to visit Poland?
sankush - | 4
17 Apr 2016 #28
I will be in warsaw for a month for business purposes. It'll be helpful to learn polish beforehand
Wulkan - | 3,250
17 Apr 2016 #29
It'll be helpful to learn polish beforehand

It would be helpful indeed and also impossible.
sankush - | 4
17 Apr 2016 #30
I can try and learn basic polish.

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